Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update 2.22.09

So Ashleigh and I haven't been very good at updating this blog.  Maybe we'll try harder.  As you can see, Ash added a beautiful slide show that is full of pics from the past six months.  Right now we are still chugging away at school and both ready for the semester to end.  Ashleigh starts her second block classes tomorrow and come to find out on Tuesdays and Thursdays we won't see much of each other.  Sad day.  Haha, wow I find myself sounding just like my wife.  The place where I was working (Progrexion) shut their doors in the middle of January so I have been enjoying the unemployed life lately.  We try to find time to go to the temple and really feel like we need to go even more. 
Hmmm... what else... Umm... this summer we will be selling for APX in Reno, NV.  That will be nice because it's only eight hours away from SLC.  Plus it's not ugly, humid, boring, Tulsa.  Ashleigh will hopefully be able to get a job this summer and we can both finish school within the next year and a half or so.  Oh, wouldn't that be nice.