Friday, August 10, 2012

Baby, baby, baby ohhh

This little person who has taken over our lives is sure on the move these days. I'm pretty sure he is never not moving, even when he is asleep he moves. He loves crawling, standing up (a lot), crawling up people and walking while mom and dad hold his little hands. Hayden gets so excited to walk and so does Gus. He claps all the time and is getting better at waving. I'll start to sing "If you're happy and you know it" and he starts clapping like crazy; I think he knows he's cute. His current favorite toys are the window blinds, dad's hanging belts, shoes and Gus's water bowl. Hayden knows he isn't suppose to play with Gus's water bowl, he'll stop and smile at me before making his way to the bowl, but he loves to see if he can beat me to it. I'm now one of those mom's who never gets to listen to a Relief Society lesson. For some odd reason, Hayden will not sleep or even sit still with me, it's a tad obnoxious but only 8 more months till nursery... oh sad:(. Hayden's current favorite food is grapes; him and I ate pretty much a whole bowl by ourselves one afternoon. He is has quite the personality and we love him to pieces. I can't believe we are getting to that year mark. The last 10 months went a lot faster than the 9 months to make him.
We are very excited for the next few months; party central at our house! Anniversary, 1st birthday, my 24 birthday (yes I am turning 24 again), Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS! Love this time of the year, just need to make it through a few more weeks of melting heat.

Such a cute profile!

Big blue eyes!

We took Hayden to his first baseball game... pardon our tired appearance... the olympics have kept us up late... and whiteness... it's too hot to even attempt the pool... we're sexy and we know it

 Shirt off and food on his face, a big disgrace

Cause we are such awesome parents!

Such a goof

My boys... they kind of like each other