Monday, June 25, 2012

Almost 9 Months

We have some friends that we met here and they are now making their way back to Utah this week:(... Boo! I asked my friend Callie if she would take some pics of Hayden before they left. I'm calling them his 9month pics although that still is a couple more weeks away. Hayden wasn't as cooperative as he usually is when it comes to taking pictures. We had to work extra hard for some smiles but Callie got some great shots. Have I mentioned I love this little boy? Sorry for all the pics, I'm really bad at deciding which one is my favorite

 This was him during a sneeze, he's even cute when he sneezes... he also finds them rather funny too

 Serious face...

"Find a happy place, find a happy place!"

 "I'm sleepy, are we done yet?"

 "Mom is having way more fun with this than I am"

Hayden started crawling this past week and is getting into everything already. I told him one morning it was ok if he waited a little longer to crawl, that afternoon, he crawled. He is very much an army crawler, I guess preparing for combat... maybe with Gus? I've discovered that those door stop things (technical term) are fun toys and that the white rubber thing (yet another technical term) that is on them, comes off. Hayden is very good at finding cords wherever they may be; he will crawl an entire room to get to cords, oh and door thingys. He has also tried to learn how to swim under water twice in bathroom. Luckily I am always there when he attempts such things but needless to say all this movement has proven to be quite the terrifying time. Its amazing how turning your back for one split second has the possibility of causing such harm. But, he is still on the go and it is fun watching him discover all that the world has to offer... although I think he could leave my bookshelf alone... and those door stop thingys. Oh, did you notice in some of the pics that he has two teeth? Oh yeah, we've got ourselves a teether! 

Monday, June 11, 2012


I say this every month, but I don't know how my baby is 8 months now. I cannot believe how fast time flies. Our little boy is getting bigger. This past weekend we finally broke out some of the 6-9 month clothes. He still wears most of his 3-6 month clothes but we are movin on up in the world. He can still wear most of this 0-3 month shoes but is finally able to wear some 3-6 month shoes without them falling off. We don't have a 8 month check-up but I would say he is 15ish pounds, maybe 16 but I never know. He is starting to feed himself more and it's so fun to watch. While we were in Utah, his grandma gave him some puffs to snack on. He didn't know what to think of them and hardly got any in his mouth but now he loves those little puffs (so does Gus). His little pincer grasp is getting better but if he doesn't get the food in the right area, he just throws the food (much to the pleasure of Gus). I also have to start giving him one at a time because this morning I put three on his tray and he grabbed them all and started shoving them in his mouth. It's fun to see this thought process on how to pick things up or how to get something that has dropped; I just love watching him.
Speaking of mouths, Hayden has two little teeth making their way out, bottom front. Teething so far hasn't seemed to bother him much, he just has to always chew on something. He jibber jabs all day long, mostly dada... boo. I swear he has said "hello." We were in Idaho Falls and Todd said "say hello" and Hayden said "Hello." We have three witnesses so we are going with "hello" as his first real word.
Last night for the first time in many months (knock on wood), I saw 2:00am. Hayden woke up screaming, we don't know why but it was so sad to hear him, but so thankful we don't usually see 2:00am.
This past month Hayden went on his first very, VERY long rode trip to Utah and Idaho. We drove through the night which was smart on our part, because Hayden slept most of the time. I would say Hayden made the drive miserable, to and back, about 2 and a half hours, and in a 40 plus hour time period, I'd say that was pretty good. We absolutely loved being home and being with family. We have the best family and friends ever. Thank you to everyone who made the time special.

Cousin time

Cousins all born in the same year

Hayden worked on his modeling poses 

Hayden loves Idaho Falls as much as his momma

Hayden also experienced his first move! I'll blog more on that later but once again, he did so well and even with a baby, it was probably one of the easiest moves (although we had a lot of mishaps with furniture...BOO) we have had.
Last week Hayden took his first dip in the pool. He didn't know what to think of it at first but then his wonderful father dunked him. Hayd did not appreciate it and started to cry. Todd decided to help by again dunking him again, needless to say, he has been a little weary of water but after three times, I don't think he is too terrified anymore.

He's got his fingers... he's good

This is as close to crawling as we get... why crawl when you can get anywhere you want rolling 

He pulls this face a lot these days