Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is going on in there?!

I have realized that pregnancy is uncomfortable! Now I have had a very easy pregnancy (which Todd thinks means that we need to have a ton of kids...) and once I started filling this little guy move, it was a nice little flutter. But now he really is making his presence known and I wonder what the heck he is doing in there? I think he is having a party and he didn't even invite me. He currently is using my bladder as a trampoline, shooting himself into my rib cage and we think, he likes to play hide and seek by himself. He likes to hide in the corners of my body and not move for long periods of time till I guess he finds himself. This makes my sides very uncomfortable but it also makes it very easy for us to feel his head or bum or whatever it is. Last night he decided to start up a party just when we had decided to go to bed. He apparently wanted me to join the party because he was making it very hard to fall asleep. I do love feeling him and knowing he is ok but it makes me nervous because he is only going to get bigger and the space he fills isn't going to get much bigger ("itty bitty living space"). I also appreciate it when a jab wakes me in the middle of the night, because I don't wake up enough during the night to use the bathroom. The good thing is he seems to be very active which hopefully means he is doing wonderful and is growing how he should be. Oh, oh, and my belly button is now flat with my stomach; no more inny for me. I thought for sure I wouldn't ever get an outty because I thought my belly button was very deep, but sure enough I will be getting an outty here soon. Took the glucose test last week... first off, I don't drink things besides milk and water and I'm not a big fan of fruit so it wasn't to fun to drink and you have to do it in a time frame? What the heck? The whole time I just tried to get it down and keep it down so I wouldn't have to do it again. Then you have to go get your blood drawn... totally not a favorite thing of mine. That being said, it wasn't that bad, I'm just praying the results aren't bad because that three hour test scares me. I'm officially 7 months; I'm at the seventh inning stretch, go us.

Other then the wee one growing inside of me, things are going pretty good here. I got a calling last week in church, I'm the RS chorister, that's what I get for putting "kinda" on the sheet when asked "can you lead music." It's an easy calling so I'll take it. Todd is still waiting on one but he has been asked to teach the EQ lesson this week. We are getting friends and getting rid of bugs so things are looking up. Todd and I did babysit our friend's little girl Ainsley. She is very funny and very easy so we had a good time. Took her grocery shopping, gave her a bag of animal crackers and she was good to go; that girl can eat. Todd and I were pretty exhausted though, we have a lot to look forward too. Well that's it, this turned into a long blog and as Todd will say, it is boring cuz it has no pictures, oh well.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I couldn't get a video to upload so pictures is what ya get...

Living room

Dinning room... our yard is just to the right

Kitchen and Laundry room

Our bedroom and Gus

Office in our bedroom

Crib with all the gang. Baby has it's own wing, haha. 
Baby room and bath are to the left when you come  into the front door

Baby closet... it's getting pretty full

"Chuck" and I at 27ish weeks, I think I have a legit pregnant belly now...
 people even ask when I'm due now... Success

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July!!

Another 4th has come and gone. Todd had a nice three day weekend and last friday he actually got home around 3, so it was a nice, long but always not long enough weekend. Friday, Todd and I went to see "Transformers 3." We have been looking forward to that movie for a long time and we were not disappointed. As Todd said on Facebook, I did cry a couple times through the movie; I'm pregnant, but I can't really blame all my emotions on that, I'm really just a bawl baby. We enjoyed the movie and thought it was a lot better then the second movie. I also cried at the end because it's over. It's like reading a good book and finishing it, it's a sad moment. Saturday, we got our couch!!!! Our apartment looks a whole lot smaller (I don't know why the lawn chairs didn't make it feel small). I have wanted a couch with a chaise seat for awhile, that's what we got, but it does make living room configuration hard... oops. So now our coffee table is too big for the couch, the chair doesn't face the TV and ya walk in and bam, there's a couch... oh well... I like my couch, my chair, and my coffee table so it's all staying. The rest of the day was just spent doing some shopping. I think Todd likes Pier 1 as much as I do... just not the price, we had fun in that store. Sunday was of course church day and we went over to a friends house to celebrate his birthday (which is on the fourth... so cool).  As many of you may know, I take the 4th very seriously and it is by far my favorite holiday. Growing up, the 4th was always a big deal in my family and for the last three 4th of Julys of our marriage, I have complained about not being home. Although I still wish I was home, we had a pretty good day. I think I soon will just have to start having my own parade and my own BBQ and water games. We had the missionaries over for breakfast. German Pancakes are now a tradition for our fourth, along with some French Toast... yum. It was nice to cook a meal for a small group of people and to not be so alone that morning. It rained here for most of the morning so Todd and I decided to watch a patriotic movie (The Patriot). After the movie the rain had cleared and we decided to make our way to downtown Bentonville to grab a bite to eat. We ate at a place called "The Station." That place has my stamp of approval for a good burger. Half way into our meal, Todd got a phone call from a family in our ward inviting us over for a BBQ. Even though we just had a hamburger, that fact that these very kind people thought of us on this day, made us feel very grateful, so an hour and a half after our first hamburger, we ate another one:). Both were very good but I think we are hamburgered out for a bit. We had a great time with their family and Gus loved playing with their boys and the boys loved Gus. We are very thankful for all the kindness people have shown us here. After the BBQ, we decided to go get some ice cream and make our way over to somewhere, to watch some fireworks. We ended up going to a Stake Center, letting off all the Idaho and Utah illegal fireworks (including the hot air balloons again) and watching others do the same. By the time the Bentonville firework started, we were hot and realized we couldn't really see them. We ended up driving around the park they get shot off from and finally parking in an alley and putting our heads out the sunroof... it worked, saw all the fireworks and still remained cool. As different as it was yet again this year, I realized this fourth how lucky I am to live in this wonderful country and that we get to actually have this day to celebrate. The best part of the day was I got to be with my best friend, my best dog, and my best "Chuck." I hope you all had a good 4th and Todd promised, promised we will be in Utah and Idaho next 4th, we've got it all planned out (we shall see... he has promised that for awhile now...).