Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goodbye Iowa...and APX

Tonight is my last night her in good ole Iowa. Yesterday I ran some errands and realized that I am a little sad to leave this place. I hate saying goodbyes, even with places and things. Although we only lived here a short time, along with Reno, they are places Todd and I lived and grew (and I attach easily to things and people.). West Des Moines is very pretty. It is green, and clean. Our apartment is nicely located by target and an extremely nice mall (which was my second home here). It lacked some things though: dry air (although it wasn't to bad, I grew accustom to it), mountains and hills and a near by Taco Bell...oh and of course family and friends:). Last night I asked Todd what he is going to miss about Iowa or this summer and he really had nothing to say:). We had a long summer with ups and downs and learned a lot. We are so excited to come home and be with family and friends again (I'll have to actually get ready again, dang). I fly home tomorrow and Todd will drive home next Saturday the 29th! Can't wait to see everyone!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I feel like we haven't had to many funny stories this summer but we finally got one. So picture it...a nice Sunday morning. Todd and I woke up and decided that we wanted to go swimming after church (I know, not the best Sunday activity). We got ready for church (I might add that I was ready 15 mins early) walked outside and it was raining. We went to church and during the meeting we kept hearing thunder. After church we came home; rain still drizzling but not bad. The Vogs said they were heading to the pool but I thought it was too cold to swim and a little bit later we got a text saying that the Vogs felt the same way too. Todd and I decided to have a little BBQ in the apartment and made Jucy Lucys. Here is what went wrong with those things...not enough cheese in the middle so it melted out, the smoke caused our fire alarm to go off, I bought cabbage instead of lettuce, the avocado was not rip at all, I burnt my hamburger buns (oh and they got smushed by the checkout guy), corn on the cob got cooked a tad to long (because it took forever for the hamburgers to cook), but with all that said, it was a very good dinner:). While we were cleaning up, the hurricane hit! Not an actual hurricane but it looked like one. Todd and I went out on the balcony to watch. I had watched "Dr. Phil" earlier this week and he had a guy on that got struck by lightening so I started to get this awful feeling we were going to die. I went to go back inside but Todd had accidently looked the door when he had come out. WE WERE TRAPPED! And we were going to get struck by lightening and die because we wouldn't be able to get help because we were so high up! Thats what I thought, but I was a little dramatic. I also discovered yo tuve que ir al bano. Neither of us had our mobiles, which is a rare occasion. Todd said he could just jump off but of course I thought he would die, either by the fall or the lightening hitting him. After awhile on the balcony, and against my advice, Todd jumped...and he LIVED! He did get a sliver though. But he ran up the stairs to save his damsel in distress, oh so brave:)! Later that night Todd made homemade brownies...he truly is the man of my dreams. And we both lived happily ever after...THE END!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Here ya go Todd:)

Todd said I "HAD" to do the blog today (even though he and Shelly and Debbie are the only ones that look at this, haha).
The summer is almost over...the countdown now begins and Todd and I are so excited to come home! I will be home in 18 days:) and Todd will be home by August 30. We are already booked for summer fun when we get home but if anyone else wants to do something we will fit everything in.
A couple weeks ago Todd took a day off and it was wonderful. We went to a place called "Sleepy Hollow Sports". It was a little ghetto but fun. We were able to do miniature golf (I won), bumper boats, go-carts (I won that too), batting and rock climbing. Later that day we went to an Iowa Cubs game that was free because we moved into our apartments. The home team lost but it was nice to be able to watch a baseball game. It was our one day of summer and we had a great day!

Todd is doing great with sales again. His goal is to get 135 by the end of the summer and I think he will be able to do it. He hates this job but he works very hard so that we are comfortable this next school year and I am so grateful for that. I work and hang out with Brooke and her boys (the usual but fun). I was able to do a little shopping last thursday and I had an AMAZING time, haha. Thanks Todd! Well I guess that is it for now...Thanks to whoever reads this! Love Ya!