Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And here we have Iowa!

Well, for those of you who have talked to me since the very beginning of this little Iowa adventure...it has gotten better. The drive was loooonnnng but we got through it and I had a really good time chatting with Todd. We were also very excited to hear of Craig and Jac's great news about Olivia! We are way excited to have a niece and she will probably be spoiled from your uncle Todd and aunt Ashleigh (probably just her aunt but with her uncle's money). We arrived in West Des Moines at about 2 in the morning. It was way humid and our apartment was way hot and I had a headache; so needless to say my first impression of Iowa was not so good. The next day was also very hot but followed with a tornado warning. Todd ended up not working that day due to weather but neither of us saw a tornado...dang it! After that day the weather got better; both Todd and I seem to be handling it; to bad it wont stay this nice for to long. Sunday we got lost for an hour trying to get to church but the ward seems awesome (everyone there has either newborns or is pregnant...I don't fit in...). Todd and the office are having a slow start with this move but I am sure things will pick up; Todd is such a trooper and will continue to work hard. Todd and I both think this place is beautiful; it is so green and clean. Our apartment is in a nice area and by great shops. (Todd just sold one, haha) Well thats it for right now. We are excited for our first 4th of July as married folk (sad we wont be in IF) and look forward to many happy memories together here in Iowa. Love ya all! 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last weekend in Reno

Thats my man...I was proud I got him jumping
Todd and I at Tahoe
This is as much in the water as I got
So basically we are done with Reno. We are off on a new adventure that hopefully holds a lot of opportunity. This week has been a good week...I'm trying to think about what we have done but I can't haha. Todd told me we were moving this past Saturday so I basically packed up most of our apartment and come to find out we aren't moving till this next Saturday. I guess I got a good head start. Todd in one of his sales got an I-Phone which is really cool. It is his second phone he has received for free while doing this job, haha. It is not unlocked yet but it will be something new for me to play with once it is unlocked. This past Sunday Todd and I went for a picnic up to Lake Tahoe. It was really cold but really fun and very pretty. Todd wanted to have lunch on top of a rock so that probably made it colder. So...our plan was to swim in the water but it was freezing...but we did have our swimsuits on none the less. Todd however forgot to bring swim bottoms so all he had was his speedo that he wears underneath (well sometimes...other times he just likes to show off his speedo). So my husband stripped down to his speedo and stood on the highest rock he could find...what a sight:) I love that boy, even if he is crazy. After Tahoe we made a little trip to Virginia City, I like Yellowstone better but it was fun to walk around for a bit. It was a nice day to spend with my honey! So we will be moving to Des Moines, as of right now, next Saturday! Des Moines will be fun I think, close to Nauvoo so that will make a good Sunday drive and it will be the farthest east I have visited in the US so a new thing I've done. Well thats it I suppose, hope all is well with you all!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend at home...

My pretty sister-in-laws
Daxton-CUTE boy!
Korver-he is growing like crazy, cute
The family...minus Todd
So in love!

I had an amazing time this weekend. It was good to go home for a bit. Friday night I played with Brit and Speny...I love those two crazy kids. Saturday was my grandpa's 80th birthday party. I am so blessed to have the family I have; they are amazing! I'm glad I could be there for this celebration. My grandpa is truly an amazing man and I am so lucky that he is my grandpa! I have the best grandparents and family in the world. I did miss Todd a lot but he is such a great guy to fly me home for the weekend. I know he wishes he could have come but he is a very determined boy:). I felt like I was in high school again...which was weird, but it was nice to be at home and have my parents take care of me, and sleep in my dungeon of a room (I slept soooo good!). Sunday night my parents took me down to Utah to see the Altom's for a bit. Monday we had a sister-in-law day. It was Daxton's bday so we first went shopping for him. It took awhile for him to find something but when he did he was in love. He got "Bolt" and loves him (Bolt is even in his 3 year old pictures). We had lunch with the girls and played in the park. I always wanted sisters and now I have the best sisters anyone could ask for. It was nice to see my family and friends but I missed Todd a lot and I am happy to be back with him. Maybe in a couple weeks we can both go visit family again. Thanks to everyone who put up with me for the weekend! Love ya all!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just singing in the rain, just singing in the rain...

Holy cow the rain!!! It has rained everyday this week! It was nice on Monday because Todd came home at 6! It was wonderful. We went out to dinner Monday night for our Memorial Day earnings. The crappy thing is that a bunch of people don't have cars out here so Todd and I become Taxi for a ton of people! We had to take soooo many people and everyone called me 10 minutes before we left, but thats ok...we need to be nice. Oh oh for all the ladies out there...every first tuesday of the month there is a sale at www.tulle4us.com, it is awesome! I got 5 really nice articles of clothing for $42 dollars including tax and shipping. It starts at midnight so it was a late night Monday but worth it. Last night Todd and I registered for classes...6 more months for me, YIPPY! I think this next semester will be the busiest for Todd and I but after it, its only downhill. It's pouring again today and I hope Todd doesn't get washed away. I'm so excited to come home this weekend but it will be the longest Todd and I have been apart...sad, but I'm excited to see a bunch of you! love ya all!