Friday, January 22, 2010

The New Year

Well hello everyone, fancy seeing you here... So I decided I needed to update the blog but there really isn't that much to update about. Our Christmas season was amazing and we had a great time with our family. Mexico was awesome, I am so glad that I can say that my in-laws are some of my best friends. Todd and I look forward to the next vacation:). On my side of the family; my superman uncle has pulled through from his heart attack and is now back at home with his family where he should be. Todd and I are so blest to have an amazing family who are all so strong. So far our semester in school is going pretty well. Todd seems to be a little more busy with all his school and his SRC stuff but I think he loves to be busy. I on the other hand, am not busy. My new job is nice and easy and it is fun to work with all the teachers. I talked Todd into getting me a dog for my graduation present:) Since we might do APX again this summer Todd thinks I need a friend at I get a puppy...yippy!! Don't worry, a dog wont be replacing a baby, but until that time comes...Guss will be my little buddy (Guss will be his name, it's all planned out). Oh Todd is doing great on his diet, he is down 10lbs. He is a pretty determined guy and I am really proud of him, I wish I had that much determination. Well I guess that is it...not much...but thats our life:) (oh we babysat Eliza last cute and can I just say Todd will make the cutest father someday) Well the end...goodbye