Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Travelin Family

The first time I ever flew I was 20. The first time my dog ever flew he was 5 months old. The first time my baby flew he was 6 weeks old, haha. We were so excited to fly home for the holidays and Hayden and Gus did so well. They both slept the entire time. We now, however, are one of "those people." Ya know, the people that always make things complicated and hit your head either with their diaper bag, dog or car seat. The people that you hope can keep that baby quiet, yeah we are them and we are quite the sight to see. But we did it and we were all quiet:)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

1 Month

1 Month News about Hayden: 8lbs 1.3oz, 21 and 3/4in long. Neck is getting strong. Gave his first gummy smile the other morning. Sleeps between 5-7 hours straight at night. Loves bath time. Fussy time is right before bed... he thinks he'll die if he is not fed for three hours straight. Talks up a storm in the morning. Still the cutest thing we have ever seen:)

What we have learned after a month: Don't wake up a baby at night. Wait a minute before fully removing the diaper. Not the best idea to have his changing area right by our bed. Not a good idea to have a white bedspread (which we don't have and probably wont get for awhile). Following the books word for word doesn't work. Never say never. Make sure bath water is warm and clean fast before the water gets dirty. Laundry day is every day. Smiles make 4am not seem so bad. Time goes by too fast so enjoy every single moment!

Hayden's first time at Church

In your face!

P.S. Miss Liv is two years old today, we love you Olivia!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Ever since we received our pictures from Erika Dotson, Todd has been checking the blog to see if I have updated it with pictures. My thought "umm have you not seen facebook, there's tons of pictures." I wont post tons of pictures again, just a few:).

Todd and I were so glad that we did birth pictures. At first we were a little weirded out about doing them. It isn't a glamorous time for anyone involved, especially me. But once we got them, we were so happy we did them. First off, it made us remember all the little things we have already forgotten, like the fact I had to wear oxygen for a bit or that Todd was hilarious during the pushing process. Second, Erika captured some of the most amazing moments and now we will forever have them.

Could this picture be anymore perfect? When we first got all the pictures we relived the amazing experience and I still get teary-eyed every time I see this picture. Todd was so happy and I am glad someone was there to capture it. There was also a lot of other pictures with Todd on his phone (surprise, surprise), him taking a picture of me pushing and sending it to Shelly and him watching the action down south. His face is hilarious in those pictures but legs in stirrups can be a little to much for people so we left those out (not that you see anything but ya know...). I love having pictures of the birth and having them in black and white doesn't make it so weird. If you ever want to see the whole thing, I'd show you, I have no shame anymore, haha (you see nothing, promise). And one day I can embarrass Hayden with them, it's great!

Hayden was so good during the newborn photo shoot. I think Erika was in and out in an hour because Hayden slept the whole time and was so easy to mold. The rest of us were dying of heat because we tried to make it as comfortable for Hayd as possible. The only issue we had was at the very end. We undressed Hayd to get a shot with Todd and Hayden peed all over Todd; very funny... that "thing" can shoot far!

Erika was only able to get one shot before the water gun started... glad the one pic was cute!

I just have the cutest boys at my house!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hayden's First Halloween!

Halloween is a wonderful holiday; great food, fun parties and a great time to play dress up. I do not like the scary stuff though; no haunted houses or scary movies for me. Ever since we found out I was pregnant and due in October, I kept hoping "Chuck" (aka Hayd) would make it to October so I could have Halloween themed birthday parties for him. My wish came true and I am already planning his first birthday (although I really do not want this year to go fast). This Halloween however, was his first and his first ever holiday. We didn't do much, which kinda made me sad but we still had fun. We were originally planning on dressing up as the characters of "UP." Todd is a dead ringer for Carl when he wears his big ugly glasses. Todd ruined our plans by growing his big red beard and he refuses to shave it for 6 weeks... if you get my drift... Oh and someone from the stake saw him and his beard and we are now playing the role of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus in our stake's Christmas program (and the lady told him not to shave till then? She's crazy). I don't know about you but me thinks Joseph did not have a red beard and I'm pretty sure Mary did not have blonde hair but oh well. Todd came up with the idea that we would dress up as giant bananas and Hayden would be a monkey. We ended up not finding banana costumes which is good because it would have been a waste of money. Hayden made a very cute monkey though. We didn't do anything except carve pumpkins, but we are just getting rested up for the epic party next year:).

Hayden loves his fingers!

Isn't he the cutest monkey you have ever seen?

So we only had one candle... Todd had to create this pic, nice work

I'm pretty sure this is our first and only picture of all of us

This is usually what his hair looks like:)

In other news... Hayden now has baths instead of sponge baths. The first bath wasn't his favorite. I told Todd the temperature of the room needed to be 74ish degrees but he thought I said the water needed to be that temperature. Needless to say, Hayden's first bath was a tad cold. We have gotten better and he now really seems to like bath time. He seems to like the water which is good since he is going to be the next Michael Phelps.

I love these two!

Hayden really is a great baby. I think he finally has distinguished his days and nights a little bit and actually sleeps very well at night. He usually only wakes up twice and sometimes even once and sleeps till 10. I can't really complain but I'm still struggling with having interrupted sleep but Todd is being wonderful and usually helps get him to sleep. Hayden has no problems taking a bottle, he'll suck anything. This is very nice because Todd can take a feeding. Sometimes I feel like all I do is nurse, actually, pretty sure that's all I do, haha. This weekend we are getting out of Arkansas again and heading to Branson, MO to do some shopping for me! I'm a tad excited! I hope all goes well with that but things are going great for us here in Arkansas. Hope you all are doing wonderful!