Sunday, April 26, 2009

NEVADA...worse than Rexburg

Well hello! So...Todd and I are in Reno and I was expecting a warm sunny place. On the contrary...Reno is cold and very very windy! I will never again complain about Idaho's wind. Our apartment is pretty ok, furniture is good, place is fairly nice just a little 80's looking (I will post a video of it tomorrow). We took a Sunday drive to Lake Tahoe and it is very beautiful! I have decided Todd will make enough money for us to by a vacation home there (all are welcome to visit, mi casa es su casa). The ward is very friendly, well at least the women. I think it will be a fun ward to be in for a bit. The season officially starts tomorrow, so Todd and I will be employed once again. I need to pick up some hobbies for the summer. Brooke, a wife in the office, not Brooke the manager, and I are going to find the library this week. Brooke has three cute boys so if I get to bored I can go play with them:). Lets see...oh bad things...Todd almost broke off his big toenail...his poor toenails...they have been through a lot, the mattress smells like smoke, the oven doesn't work and I guess thats it. Oh Friday I made blue berry muffins but then I discovered the oven doesn't work so Todd and I ate was good:) Well I guess that is it for the moment. I'll post tomorrow. ta ta