Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One year...well almost

It has been a long long long times since I updated this. Life has gotten busy for us Idaho Altoms. Our little apartment is coming together, a few more trips to IKEA and some more paint will satisfy my decorating for awhile. We love our new couches, they are so comfortable if anyone wants to visit:). My internship is fun but very time consuming. Waking up early is still a big challenge but I'm working on it. Todd is very busy with his IBC class but is excited to get his little business up and running (hopefully it will be a sports lounge on campus). This weekend Todd and I will be celebrating our First Anniversary!! We will be going to the temple, getting family pictures done:), and eating cake, sounds like a good day to me (hopefully we don't have homework). Todd and I have almost made it a whole year...who would've thought?! haha, jk, this has probably been the easiest, happiest year of my life (I think Todd would say the same thing, I hope). It is fun to think what was going on a year ago this time...I was not stressed at all and extremely excited! So what have I learned after a year of marriage, well:
-home really is where the heart is (after 4 different apartments)
-Todd knows all the words to "Baby Got Back" and it has become one of my favorite songs because I love to watch him dance and sing it:) haha
-Men really will eat whatever you make...but will tell you later that they didn't like it
-Pillow talk is the best time of the day
-My way is not always the way to do things (but it is the best way, haha)
-Laundry sucks!
-Todd is the funniest, cutest person ever
-Marriage is the best thing in life (well with the gospel and kids/family)
-The Gospel is True
-Todd is my best friend and can get me up and down a mountain
-Everyday you can love a person more than the day before
-And...anything that this crazy life throws at us, we will make it through together.
I'm so blessed to have Todd be my seat buddy through this journey. Love you Todd! (see I updated it!)