Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just a day, just an ordinary day

The most exciting part of my day was hearing that I would have a new niece; Congratulations Craig, Jac and Olivia! That saddest part of my day was learning that I have lost my powers:(. For those who don't know, I tend to be able to guess when people are pregnant and what they are having. Little Lucy or Emery broke my 9 year streak; I thought they would have a boy... well actually I was really confused because originally I thought it would be a girl but then I changed to boy. So, I'm just a normal person now, not the baby whisperer... dang it.

I'm blogging today not because I really have anything to say but because I'm bored. Todd flew out this morning to Arkansas to go interview with Wal-Mart. He will be back Saturday evening and I can already tell this will be a long couple of days. He has his first interview tomorrow so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He got all nervous last night (it was cute) but I am sure he will do great. It is strange to think in a couple more months we will be somewhere else yet again. We are both very excited for this big change. We don't know where we will be but we are excited for an adventure that requires us to plant some roots. I'm sure we will get cabin fever after four months... it'll be strange not to be moving.

Other than Todd flying around the country and leaving me behind, our life is pretty ordinary... ordinarily boring. Tomorrow night, I get the pleasure of spending three hours renewing my CPR and first-aid training... yippy for me. I'll miss my shows which I am sadly addicted to (Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice... life just seems so much better and happier after watching those shows, they have way to much drama). This morning I went and got my blood drawn (which seems to have become part of my monthly routine) and it went so well (that's how exciting our life is... I blog about getting blood drawn). I hate needles and even though I have gotten my blood drawn a bagillion times (I exaggerated, I know), I'm scared every single time. Today I went and the lady was amazing!! I was seriously out of there in less then a minute with no pain. I told her she was amazing and that I wanted her to be the one poking me from now on. She just laughed at me but oh how she became my new favorite person.

As ordinary as we feel life has gotten, we are enjoying having a routine in our life and we are very optimistic that life will once again be crazy, just the way we like it. We hope all is well with all of you and the New Year is being good to you. Love ya!

Take Luck Todd!!! (if you read this before tomorrow which I doubt will happen)

p.s. Gus was dog of the month at Blue Buffalo, here is a link to his card and his story:

... we have yet to receive any of the free stuff...

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well hello. I feel like I should blog because I did it all the time and I haven't done it in like a week... haha. I really have nothing to blog about... We are in Idaho Falls as most of you know. Todd started school on Wednesday and it seems like this semester will be very busy for him. He seems to have a lot of homework but I guess that is what you can expect in your last semester. I think he is kind of excited to be back at school, ready to get it done and move on to something else. Everyday Todd is talking about a future job. I feel like he is a little stressed about finding a job but also very excited. I have no concerns about Todd finding a job; he is basically amazing, who wouldn't want the guy? But really, Todd is a very determined man and will find something he enjoys and that will support our family. I started working at The Learning Center this last Monday. I worked there after high school and before Todd and I got married. Now that I have a degree, I got a bit of a raise so that is neat. It's weird working again and getting ready everyday... I'm already sick of getting ready:).
So that's basically our life; Todd learns and I work:). Boring post...