Monday, August 22, 2011

Take me out to the ball game...

This past weekend we had a little vacation. It felt so nice to get out of AR and to see something new. I think this is my last vacation babyless which is rather odd. Todd and I went up to Kansas City and stayed with our friends the Gunter's. We had a great time with them and ate a lot of ice cream. Friday night however, was not a goodnight. A huge storm hit KC. It was so loud with the pounding rain and thunder and so bright with the lightening... and a random car kept honking. What with a dog for some reason sleeping on my head, heartburn, the storm outside and a snoring husband, it was not a goodnight's sleep. Saturday we went our for breakfast, took the pups (they have a dog too) to a dog park, ate some ice cream, ate some BBQ at a gas station (I believe it was called "Oklahoma Joe's") and went to a Royals and RedSox game. Todd and I were rooting for Boston but to our dismay and surprise, the Royals won. It was a fun evening, great weather, great company and there is just something about a baseball hitting a mitt. We had a great time with the Gunters and hope to play with them again.

I'm looking very large and in charge these days... not a fan (ain't Todd cute holding my purse?)

In other news... umm I got none. I'm 32 1/2 weeks and last weeks doctor's appointment went well. The doctor confirmed that I in fact am not having a small baby but we are looking at an 8 pounder (I'll take it). He kept saying I'm hiding the big baby well... I don't think I am anymore. I really like my doctor and I'm happy we found him. My next appointment isn't till 35 weeks and I must say I am scared for that appointment. After that appointment it's go time for whenever the baby decides to come and I must say he can come later rather than sooner. As excited as we are to meet this little boy, it's kind of scary to think I'll be a mom and in charge of a human being. I just hope my loving mommy instincts kick in because I'm not feeling very motherly these days (every little thing is kind of annoying me, I don't have much patience and I'm thinking that is needed with children). I am also stressing about everything but when Todd tells me to tell him all my stresses, it seems a tad ridiculous that I'm stressing at all. Oh and before I got pregnant and even up till a month ago, I wasn't worried about the whole birthing process but now as it gets close, I don't want to do it. I told Todd last night that I didn't want to do it and he said I didn't have to, the baby would just magically appear (I'm really liking that idea). I mean, it's got to be bad if a medicine was invented to be injected into your spine to numb your entire lower half. The doctor asked me if I had a birthing plan and I said "well it's going to happen real fast and I'm not going to feel a thing." He didn't say much except that he recommends the epidural and usually your first born takes a long time... come on doc, work with me here. I'm also nervous he'll come early and family wont be here to help... I don't know what I'm doing! My parents don't come in till the second week of October so he is just going to have to stay put till then... although staying put is uncomfortable. I thought I was uncomfortable a couple of weeks ago, that was sissy stuff. I constantly feel uncomfortable and constantly have the feeling to use the bathroom, apparently my bladder is a fun toy, and my ribs. I can't really bend over anymore and Todd has to assist me in putting on shoes and also getting up from most positions. I also have a constant need and desire to eat anything unhealthy and fattening, which after I eat all that stuff I'm depressed because I'm making my child unhealthy and gaining un-needed pounds... sigh, pregnancy, interesting ride. I have turned this into a huge complaining session so I should end with good things... we are so excited to meet this little boy and to cuddle him. I'm excited to see him for the first time and to finally know what he looks like. I just picture a little Todd jr and I couldn't ask for more. I have to admit one of the things I am looking forward to the most is seeing Todd see his son for the first time, he'll be such an amazing daddy (I'm also expecting some tears from Todd, it's the least he can do I think). Oh, oh, we are going to have a new nephew this week!! We are so happy and so sad we wont be there when Brian and Shelly welcome their new little person to the world. Speaking of family, ummm family, I know your all busy what with giving birth this week and raising children and jobs, but I miss my nieces and nephews and would love to see some pictures of them, work on that!! Ok, I'm done... man I need to learn to keep these things shorter...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Big 3's

This is going to be another boring post without pictures... I really need to start using my camera we spent so much money on... but really the only thing I see is my dog and my dog already has enough pictures of himself. So last week I had a doctor's appointment with my actual doctor. He was very nice, everything went well but then he measured me and said I was measuring small. It was no surprise to me because everyone keeps telling me I look small. Anywho, he wanted to set up an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok, but he said that I was measuring small probably because of my genetics. I was a 5lb 11oz baby and my brother was in 6's so (both not early at all) we both just assumed genetics. It was the first time I haven't really been worried about something the doctor said. My thoughts "yippy, my genetics has won over." Well yesterday we went to the ultrasound. First off, at 30 weeks, I couldn't tell what the heck we were looking at; poor kid is smashed. His heart is wonderful, my fluid was great and... according to the ultrasound, he weighs 3lbs 9oz. The ultrasound tech said "well he doesn't appear to look small at all"... well goody. I'm measuring at 32 weeks not 30... sigh... I just hope it means he comes early. So my dreams of having a 5, 6 pounder little man is out the window, probably 7 as well. Todd and I are guessing 8, mostly to make me feel better but I should go back to my previous thoughts and say he'll be 14lbs so anything will be better than 14. Todd and I made guesses last night about the baby. Todd thinks he'll come September 28 and weigh 8lbs 13oz and I guess October 2 and weigh 8lbs 2oz. I am super happy he is healthy and that is really all that matters (but I did tell him after the appointment he better be cute and be a good sleeper, it's the least he could do). Can't wait to meet our cute, chubby boy. Names are still Hayden Jack and Jack Sagers, both of us favoring one over the other (different ones).

Last night, driving home from the ultrasound, Todd was being all cute and saying how excited he is to have a baby with me, excited to meet him and he can't believe we were engaged three years ago today (August 2). He was trying to prove he remembered but then I stated, "Three years tomorrow actually." You were close Todd. But yes, three years ago today, Todd surprised me with a beautiful ring and a wonderful question. That was one of the best days of my life and I'm so glad he got my ring right, haha. This is a year of three's, three years of being engaged, three years of being married and our child will probably be a numerical unit of 3... 9 pounder, possibly 12 pounder... when in Arkansas. Love you Todd.

In other big news, we are coming home for Thanksgiving and Christmas! We fly into IF on Novermber 18 (the day after my 24 birthday... wowzers). We will be spending a couple days in IF but we will be in Utah for Thanksgiving day. We plan on blessing the baby on November 20 in IF, just fyi.

I got to brag about my husband real quick. Todd for his MLP is over pre-made foods (or something like that), basically tuna fish, spam, and salsa. The other day Todd took the initiative at the store to set up a new display for chips and salsa. He did this to see if sales would change and they did; they went up! He didn't have to do it, just wanted to try it and it worked. My cute, little Wal-Mart worker, so good at what he does.

Ok, I think that's it. Oh it's HOT here... looking to be about 109 today, I don't get out much. Ummm ok, the end.