Monday, January 23, 2012

Bedtime Woes

So ya know how everyone says that once the baby is in his own room everyone sleeps better? Well that is a whole lot of lies!! We decided to bite the bullet a couple of nights ago and move Hayden to his own room. First off, our bedroom is huge again and it is very nice having that space just ours. However, since I love my sleep, I'd give that all up to sleep 8-10 hours straight again. The first night we tried this new arrangement, Hayden woke up at 1, 5 and then at 7. Not only did he wake up three times during a time period that he usually only wakes up once but those monitors suck! It was so loud and I swear it magnified all of Hayden's sound and movements... and it probably did because it was up a little too high... and that static noise, sigh.

On top of everything, Gus kept walking on me and wanting to sleep by me, something I do not appriciate. It was Todd who let Gus into our bed and ever since then, Gus thinks he owns the bed. I have told Todd that he needs to keep him away from me because it's Todd that likes to cuddle with him, not I. Not only did he invade my personal space (and so did Todd) he also wanted to play with his ball that we affectionately call his "crack". When I woke up at 7, I officially wanted all the boys to leave me for about 10 hours straight.

I know I shouldn't complain, I have been blessed with a babe that does sleep well. I must admit, I have been a lot nicer and patient these last few nights (I'm tellin ya, I used to be a monster when I had to wake up before 5), but I want my sleep back. He has been doing better, only waking up one more time then normal (although he might have woken up more last night but the monitor stopped working:) ... oops...). I feel the need to persevere. As much as I want my sleeping baby back and I did at once say that it was ok for him to sleep in our room till he is 18, I really don't want him in our room till he is 18. So the show must go on. Another night is coming and I feel like things will go better tonight, or at least I hope. He has been a very happy baby this last few days though, not that he is ever not that happy. I love how much he talks and how much he smilies these days; he is a great and fun baby. Ok, that was my little complaining session, I'm off to feed the little lad and then make some dinner, YIPPY!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Rest of Us

Todd- Todd is getting oh so close to finishing his training program. Soon he will be getting a promotion and he'll be a real Wal-Mart person. Today is Wednesday and I'm not a huge fan of Wednesdays because Todd has mutual and then after mutual he goes and plays basketball. I don't really like being ditched, but I know it's good for him to get out and do something he loves to do. Along with young mens he is helping out with this teacher appreciation thing our stake holds for the schools in the area. It isn't keeping him too busy but that is another thing on his plate. He also plays the organ in sacrament once a month, another great excuse to practice something he loves. On top of all that, he is going to start building us some side tables. A man in our ward builds furniture for fun and also to sell and is going to help/teach Todd how to build some much needed side tables. The side tables are the start of our bedroom redue. It'll be neat to have something he has built and they will probably be the nicest furniture we have. If this goes well, we will probably have a dresser made to match once we get some extra cash (or maybe sooner if our dresser falls apart, fingers crossed). So that's Todd's life.

Ashleigh- My life basically revolves around the babe. My current projects are figuring out what to do with our bedroom, figuring out how and where I want to put a photo wall and working on Hayden's baby books. I have completed one book of his birth and newborn pictures and am working on a book that will contain pictures of all of his "firsts." This book will take a year to complete but I thought I should start working on it so I don't get too behind. I've really enjoyed creating the books but I'll probably not be to good at scrap booking after the year mark, I'm realistic. Thanks to pinterest, I am also making a "Life" book for Hayden to keep all his important stuff throughout his life. I've started eating a tad healthier, smoothie most mornings (go me) and it now takes me three days to eat a thing of break and bake cookies:). Last night we made our way out to the Wal-Mart gym to workout. We had it all planned out; I'd go to my first Zumba class and Todd would run with Hayden on the indoor track. Once we got there our plans were demolished. Strollers weren't allowed on the track and I don't feel comfortable taking Hayden to the daycare yet, so I worked out for 20minutes and then Todd worked out for 20minutes... I'm so going to lose the remaining baby weight at this rate. Till I feel comfortable leaving Hayd at the daycare, Just Dance and some P90x will have to be my workout.

Gus- The other day at the grocery store, we bought Gus a new ball. Somehow through our two vacations in two months, we lost his ball. This ball was a huge mistake. He is obsessed with this dumb ball that is way squeaky. He needs to start going to fetching anonymous, he needs the 12 step system. Gus got a hair cut yesterday and he looks funny!! I have been a bit neglectful in combing Gus and he had a few too many mats. The groomer had to shave a lot more then we normally do. He looks like an old, naked dog. Luckily, it's hair and it will grow back, soon I hope.

3 Months!

Hayden turned three months old yesterday and yes, I cried, haha. I love the stage of life he is in at the moment. He is so smily, so talkative and so funny. It's nice to have someone who will finally talk back to me during day, Gus doesn't. We think Hayden is around 11 maybe 12 pounds. He is still wearing 0-3 month clothes and a lot of them are still big on him. I told Todd the other day that we need to have a baby in the fall again and it has to be a boy so he can re-ware Hayd's clothes. I said I would never be like this and I know I sound a tad crazy but, I'm so excited for number two, haha, we already have his name picked out, yes we think it'll be a boy and yes that's what we want. Don't worry though, my fear of having two children, let alone two toddlers, out weighs my excitement to have the whole pregnancy, delivery and newborn stage again (plus the fact that people keep telling me my second child wont sleep because Hayden sleeps so well... and the night issue really is the hardest thing for me and he's a great sleeper. If my second child doesn't sleep well... it'll be scary). It's true that once a little time has passed and you realize how happy you are with a baby, you do forget all the things you didn't like about pregnancy or delivery or post delivery. If you were to ask me a few days after I had Hayden if I would do it all again, I'd probably say not for a long time but now I'd say, heck yes, bring it on. Anywho... Hayden is wonderful, we love him and we get so excited when he starts to do new things. He started sitting in his bumbo chair and he can't really decide if he likes it or not. He is also starting the process of rolling over without any couch help; he is getting really close. He is becoming more and more of a little man everyday, he loves being naked, passing manly gas and burping like a man. I keep telling him he needs to be a sweet little boy not a gross boy but we'll see if he listens. Here are some recent pics of Hayden Jack...

He's so modest 

What the heck am I sitting in? Why do I have to support my own head?

He loves our temple picture with the big black frame, it always makes him smile

Still not enjoying tummy time

He is now bigger than Chuck (the giraffe)

Sleepy boy

Smily boy

Baby blue eyes!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Utah Celebration

After Christmas we made our way to Utah. Tons of food and carmel were ate and a good time was had by all. We played "Just Dance" and I dominated, we played our usual 'ladies against the gents' games and finally the ladies won, both games (it was a good week of games for me). We loved spending time with our fam and wish we could more. I didn't take much pictures of happenings but we did have a little photo shoot

Hayden met his Great-Grandpa Altom... 4 generations of Altom men

Korver Mark

Daxton John

Olivia Grace

Gage Wilson

Emery Cloe

And of course Hayden Jack

A Very Merry Christmas

I am so happy we were able to come home for Christmas. Even though there were lights up, our house was decorated and we kept watching anything Christmas related on TV, it just didn't feel like Christmas until we landed in IF. Christmas Eve morning we went to breakfast with my friends Rachel and Kyle. It has become a tradition of ours and a very yummy one indeed. As we were leaving we thought about what it might be like in 5, 10 years when they're both married with children... very loud and we're going to need a big table... can't wait!! Todd made sugar cookies later that day and he ate and talked about them for a whole week. He was so impressed with cookies and made sure everyone knew... they were ok;). Pizza and games are our family's Christmas (side note... Hayden just rolled over from his back to his stomach... which is funny cuz he hates being on his stomach). My brother made the best pizza... So GOOD, BBQ chicken with peppers and artichoke hearts, YUM! We unwrapped presents, got into PJ's and played "Apples to Apples" (I hate that game!! I never win. I always think I have the best card but noooo, no one picks mine, stupid game). Rach came over so we could exchange gifts. She got us a movie and these...

They glow too:) I know what our Christmas card will be next year

Love this picture:)

Christmas Day!

We spent Christmas eating and visiting my family. It was a great day!

I love multiple Christmas'

This is the beginning of a lot of posts...

Since we were flying home for the holiday season, we knew we could not take our presents that we bought for each other with us (why do airports have to charge so much money to take luggage, I mean we are already paying a lot of money to sit in a gross, probably head lice infested seat, that has no leg room and reclines a whole whopping inch... but that's another story). It was also another excuse to have two Christmas mornings. We had a nice relaxing Christmas morning and Hayden was totally into it, we had to hold him back from unwrapping his gift and he was so excited for this teething toy because ya know, he has teeth. But really it was a great morning. Todd got some shoes, "Planet Earth", cologne, "Cars 2" and a new car. That's right folks, Todd has a new car yet again. The only person I know to beat Todd in his car trading addiction is Chris Monson (our brother in-law). Todd traded in his Nissan Altima for a Toyota Camry. He says he is completely satisfied with this car but we shall see. I love it so I hope he keeps it. I received a bunch of clothes and a bunch of kitchen stuff! Hayden got some rattle socks, a teething toy and a jumper that I'm super excited to actually use (get a stronger neck Hayden!!!). And if you were wondering what Gus got, he got a bone (we didn't forget about him). Todd made some yummy crepes, I love that he makes breakfast. That day I made some red velvet cupcakes that looked like ornaments (pinterest) to take to our ward party that night. So, I like my food, especially my sweets and those dang children in the ward stole all my cupcakes before I could even sample one. I asked Todd if our children will steal my food, because that is not ok. In the words of Joey Tribianni "Ashleigh doesn't share food!!!" But other then not getting a cupcake, it was a good Christmas. Oh and we had the best ham I have ever tasted at the Christmas party and I don't like ham all that much... it was delish!