Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello! So it is a rainy day here in Idaho and I have nothing to do so I am updating our blog (even though not much has happened). We have enjoyed our little summer break this last two weeks. Todd has spent everyday at the library studying for his GMAT and he is so excited to take it tomorrow. I have gone to a baby shower, cut Britnee's hair, read two books, and watched a lot of tv:). We both have eat a lot of food (ICE CREAM) and exercised very little...more like not at all. As a result Todd and I have gained some weight...we were both doing so good in March, I was down to around 120 and Todd was down to around 200....yeah not so much anymore. Todd kept telling me we hadn't gained weight but then we weighed ourselves last night...oops. Oh well, May is another month (we've given up on April). But we have enjoyed all the food:). We also have tried to visit people, but we need to still visit others. Last night we hung out with my cousin Cas and her husband Jonathan. We went bowling and had a great time (and had her delicious homemade cupcakes afterwards). There was no one else in the bowling alley and the guy was so nice he gave us a discount:). So I am weak and I need a small ball and the smallest ball they had was a size 10, to big for me:). Todd asked for a smaller ball and the guy didn't think my fingers would fit in a smaller ball...I proved him wrong. We played two games....the first one, Todd and I were neck and neck. Todd had got a 102 and it was time to try and beat him...I tried my hardest. The last frame I got a spare and then a strike. Thinking I won, I jumped for joy and did my victory dance. When I came back and looked at the score...I had a 101...dang it! The second game, once again, Todd and I were neck and neck. Then the final frame came. In the end (so I don't make Todd feel bad) Todd got a 103 and I got a 122:). (Ashleigh whats your battle cry...V-I-C-T-O-R-Y) I love you hun, it's just very rare for me to beat you. I gotta rival in the moment although next time we bowl Todd will slaughter me because of last night...oh in the moment. (side note Jonathan kicked all of our trash both times, his second game...181). Anywho...we are getting ready to head to Utah in a couple days. Everyone say a little prayer for Todd tomorrow that he will remember all he has learned and studied (he will do great). We are excited to come down to Utah, but like last year, I'm a little sad to leave Idaho...and then Utah. Our summer adventure will be fun but I'll miss everyone at home. But we must enjoy the journey, so we come!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


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So today was graduation (I know, I am so prompt at blogging about it). It was a great day. Debbie came up last night and we had a great time. It was the first time we have had a visitor, so it was great:). We enjoyed a great dinner (Todd and I have not had to pay for dinner/food for the last two weeks) and went to a movie called "Date Night". The movie had some really funny parts (especially when these two cars got stuck together, hahaha) but it wasn't very good...we had to close our eyes a lot. We also had a good late night conversation with Debbie. Today was a great day. The sun was shinning and family and friends came out to support me. One of the neatest things about today was when all the graduates were walking into the auditorium and all the professors were lined up in the halls and cheered us on. That part chocked me up a little. My professors have been great, I have enjoyed learning from them and laughing with them; I will miss them. The only other time I kind of cried was when I got a text from Todd that said "Love you. I'm very proud of you!!!" Todd is such a sweet guy. He helped make this day great!! Convocation was boring but in the end I got my diploma cover:). All of us (the family, not all the graduates) went down to Texas Roadhouse for lunch and it was so good. After lunch Todd and I got into the car and all I could say was "We have an amazing family." We are so blessed to have the family we do!! The rest of the day was spent packing and cleaning...good-bye things:(. So I guess my days at BYU-I are over. These four years have really gone so fast and I can't believe I'm a college graduate ("it seems like only yesterday we started..." (can anyone name where that is from?)) I am so thankful I listened to the Lord's promptings and came here, I didn't want to but in the end it was the right thing for me. I met amazing people, went to amazing places, learned amazing things and met my amazing husband. All and all my days at BYU-I have been filled with a lot of learning, laughter and love! I'll miss school but I know there are going to be a lot more wonderful things in store for Todd and I. Thank you all for your love and support!!
p.s. I got my 4.0!!! WOOT, WOOT...and Todd got 3.9ish:), go us