Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Dinner

Today I officially made my first roast beef Sunday dinner. I of course had to call my mom to run me through the steps one last time but I did it. It ended up being really good and Todd even said it was really good and he is a critic:). I'm becoming so domesticated:) and for dessert we are going to eat my cake that I baked and decorated in my cake decorating class...(it makes me wonder how long I will actually like doing all this stuff, hopefully always). Todd is doing his usual (playing Guitar Hero) so I decided to write on here. Church went really well today, I was called Sister Altom for the first time in church and I now have visiting teaching assignment (I get to do it with my cousin Aubrie so that will be fun). I signed myself up to make a dessert for enrichment so I have to go. It'll be a good chance for me to meet more people. Well it has only been a day since I last posted so nothing new has happened so I guess I'll end for the day...tata

Monday, October 6, 2008

story of my life...

So today, Ash and I decided to start a blog (thanks to dear old shelly, [that wasn't an old joke]).  I guess since we are married we are required to do this.  Right now, Ashleigh is sick with the flu and guess what we are doing for family night??? YES, you guessed right! Guitar Hero.  I got off work early today so I could be with the love of my life, (Ashleigh and the guitar)... haha, jk!