Thursday, July 12, 2012

Itty Bitty Baby Boy

Not that this is new news, but Hayden is on the small side. Todd and I, since before Hayden was even here, have over estimated how much our little man weighs. We thought he would be a 8 or maybe a 9 pounder when he was born, but he was 7.9. At every wellness appointment we usually overestimate about a pound. Todd's estimate was 17.8, I thought he was crazy, there is no way he could be that big yet, and I said he was 16.3. They measured him all out and he was 26 and a fourth inches tall and weighs 15.10 pounds. We got the same old questions, "Does he eat well?" "Is he spitting up food?""Is he developmentally on target" and "Does he sleep well?" He eats great, doesn't spit up, is developmentally on target and sleeps wonderfully. Conclusion, he's just a little guy. The doctor jokingly said, "Well 4% of kids are smaller than him, you just have to try and find them, then he'll be the big man on campus." I like out little guy, he wears clothes a lot longer than most babies, but I am hoping he can fit into 9-12 month clothes before the end of the summer (but not looking good since he still wears 3-6). Not much news since the last update, he did have his first experience with snacking on a bug... yippy for firsts!

 Taking pictures of this kid this time around was a big pain!! He just wanted to crawl somewhere else, eat my camera and not smile... he's a little pooper (speaking of poop... I changed four poopy diapers in one day... all hours apart, it was ridiculous... SIR POOPS A LOT).

But we like him!

We are gearing up for the Olympics, literally, and I cannot wait to do nothing else but watch all the games. Next week I have the pleasure of getting my wisdom teeth pulled, SO EXCITED! Todd's way excited to care completely for Hayden, and me, fun time had by all, can't wait. That's it, that's all, there isn't anymore.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July, Arkansas style

Once again, no 4th of July in Idaho Falls, so sad. Poor planning on our part and waiting till I'm 24 to get my wisdom teeth out, made it difficult to make it to Idaho. We were very sad not to be able to see family and friends in Idaho and Utah, but we tried to make the best of the situation. Monday was Walmart's 50th birthday so we went to the Bentonville square for some cake and then went to a free Jermaine Paul concert (winner of The Voice). It was not a very crowed concert; we showed up 30min before it was suppose to start and we were up front. We felt bad for the poor guy but it was not publicized at all he was coming. He was very nice and is a great singer (Hayd's third celebrity). Looking over the crowed I thought, "Man oh man, this place is definitely hickville, Arkansas at it's best here"... Missing teeth, super old ladies in super short shorts, greasy hair, overalls on grown adults, it doesn't get classier than Arkansas.

Anywho... on the third, we headed to a park in Rogers to watch some fireworks. It still amazes me how I can show up to a firework show an hour before it starts and still get a good spot (not in Idaho). They had a bunch of venders set up so we helped ourselves to watermelon and and some funnel cake. We actually were able to park and at a really good spot and just watched the show on top of our car. I thought for sure Hayd would be asleep by the time the show started but he was very wide awake for the whole thing. At first he got scared from all the loud noises but I covered his ears and he just sat so still, mesmerized by the whole thing. It was a pretty good show, having holiday music helped too. So, I wouldn't say I'm a huge stickler to Hayd's routine, others might disagree, but I believe it is good to have a somewhat constant routine, the other night proved why. Hayden didn't get into bed till a little after 10:30 (2 and a half hour difference) and woke up screaming at 5:30am. Todd was able to calm him down but he was wide awake and wouldn't go back to sleep for about an hour and woke up about an hour after that... not cool when I'm used to having him sleep 8-8. He also was not the greatest at naps the following day and was a tad on the cranky side... I like schedules.

On the actually 4th of July, we had Olde Tyme Donuts and sausage for breakfast (gotta balance out the carbs with the protein). Since it was bloody hot outside and really nothing to do in this great state of Arkansas, we decided to brave the movie theater and watch "Brave." Hayden was perfect through the 20min previews but once the show started, man oh man, he just wanted to talk. Todd and I took turns taking him out by the door. Don't judge, but I even let him crawl along the gross movie theater carpet to help keep him quite, it worked, but I did a lot of sanitizing after the show, haha. The show was so good and we look forward to watching it again when Hayden is asleep.

Afterwards we got a picture by my favorite thing in Arkansas, the painted horse. The city uses it as advertisement, I don't know why but it is always painted and changing constantly.

The rest of the day was spent catching up on "Keeping up with the Kardashians," grilling hot dogs and yummy corn, eating way to much ice cream and watching the Macy's firework show on TV:). It was a pretty good day I must say and the best part is Todd took the rest of the week off.

 Our children not cooperating 

Hope you all enjoyed the day! Happy Birthday America!