Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well it’s been some time since we last blogged...and not much has happened. Both of us have just been busy little bees. Todd now has a new job. He is working at "Main Street Diamonds" in Rexburg. He seems to find jobs so easily (which is nice). He says the job is way laid back but I like it because he always has to dress up and it seems that is a good place to work for future presents:). Tonight I register for my last semester (woot, woot) and Todd will register for his second to last semester. We are very excited for this semester to be over and next semester is lookin pretty easy for the both of us (minus the fact I have to take a 7:45 class...blah...but who cares if I get docked points for being tardy, it's my last semester!!). This Tuesday Todd leaves for New York, I'm a tad jealous and I'll be lonely but he'll have a great time. This past week we celebrated Halloween (incase you all didn't, haha). Monday night for FHE we had our little newlywed friends over to carve pumpkins. It's funny that there really is no conversation when you're carving because everyone is concentrating. They turned out pretty well...but I don't think as good as last years. Saturday we had a party at our friends house and it was good times, good times. We had some costume malfunctions (seeing under bottoms through tights, my dress being huge, my wings being too small and Todd's top being a tad short) but with some help from our parents and friends, all was well and I must say we made a good Tinkerbell and Peter Pan (I'm sure Disney will be calling us for jobs). Halloween is such a fun holiday (oh and I totally won bobbing for apples, everyone else around me were pansies...including Todd) and we had a great time!

Todd, Keegan & Brit

The finished product
Our cute front door
Tink loves Peter

All you need is Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust