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I haven't been on here for awhile and I'm not sure if anyone ever checks this out but I thought I'd share a wonderful recipe with you all. This summer I have been trying to recipes and trying to become a good homemaker/good mom who makes really good food. Thank you to Pinterest, I have discovered to recipes and new websites that give me even more recipes. I had never attempted to make bread before and decided it was about time I tried. Instead of making a yummy wheat bread or anything like that, I decided to make a dessert bread. I made Orange Pull-Apart Bread. I had such a fun time making it and was very impressed when the dough actually raised. To my shock and joy, it came out great and was completely gone by the time Todd and I went to sleep that night. So here's the link and the recipe I used... seriously try it, delicious!!

Todd is busy watching a game, so while he focuses on his love, I'll focus on mine. Having no real place to call my own and not having our stuff for the last 9 months and soon 13 months, I have been dying to decorate. I keep telling Todd that I don't care where we end up, I just want to be in a place long enough to make it our own and buy things!!! So needless to say, I've been dreaming about our future house. Today I decided to look online again for pictures from "Life As We Know It" and low and behold I came across a website called I have come across this website before in my attempt to find pictures of the house in "Father of the Bride" (also a favorite house of mine). Apparently the house in the movie is for sale. So if we move to Atlanta and some how we come into a lot of money, we will be living here...

And this will be our backyard...
Now, I do love this house but it's not a typical "Ashleigh House", this is
This is the house from "Father of the Bride." I was prepared to give up my pretty white house for the new house until I realized the inside of the house in Atlanta doesn't look like the movie:(. So I'll take back my "Father of the Bride" (and add a front porch and a porch swing, so everything needs tweaked a little...)  house and put some of the following in it...
Love the white trim work and the arch ways, and the dark floors
Love, Love this fireplace

The real inside of the house is bit too traditional for me... but if you check out the website below, you'll see the amazing ceilings in the real house... I'll add those to my place too...

Todd and I had a date night last night and we watched "Life As We Know It".

I'm a sucker for chick flicks especially involving kids, awkward situations and Josh Duhamel (sigh, don't worry, Todd knows I have a crush on Josh Duhamel... Todd has a crush on Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Carrie Underwood). First off, I loved this movie! I thought it was hilarious!! Secondly, through the whole movie I kept saying "I want that house!!" The whole time Todd said "I know, I want it too!" Love, LOVE the house. Gorgeous dark hardwood floors, tons of white wood work, a beautiful stone fireplace in the kitchen and of course white kitchen cabinets! I need to find pictures of that house so I can just model our future house to that. So go see the movie, it's great, and think the whole time "ahhh Ashleigh's house." 

Pumpkin Cupcakes
I love pumpkin!!! And now that it is fall and the shortage of pumpkin is over, I can fully indulge in my pumpkin obsession. I love Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (Love um), but unfortunately, Todd doesn't like the combination of chocolate and pumpkin (strange man). I decided I needed to come up with a different treat. I have a really easy recipe for PCC cookies and thought I could use the concept for cupcakes. Now here is the easiest Pumpkin Cupcake recipe out there:
1 pkg of Spice Cake
15oz can of pumpkin puree
3 eggs
1/3 C vegitable oil
1/3 C water
Mix all together. Bake at 350 degrees for about 18 minutes. It'll make 24 cupcakes. Pumpkin and Cream Cheese frosting is a perfect combination (that Todd likes) so I topped them with that. Try them...they are yummy!!

Future Stuff
Todd and I were looking at a folder that is conveniently called "Future Stuff". We came across two pictures; one of a bedroom and one of a kitchen. Todd is obsessed with the bedroom picture. So, someday when we don't move around every three months and I get to actually paint and buy things, this room will be the inspiration for our future master bedroom...
I love the color combination. It is a monochromatic color scheme but all the sudden there is a random piece of furniture that is bright red; I love it! To me it is very calm and relaxing but there is also something that makes it exciting. Todd for some reason loves everything about this room! He totally wants to make a room exactly like this (hopefully minus the radiator). I guess he finally is realizing that I am always right:)

My dream kitchen would be white cabinets, light countertops, dark hardwood floors and a stainless steel appliances. I love yellow; it's such a happy color, and I want my kitchen yellow. I came across this picture, that is mostly how I want my kitchen to look. Todd, once again, loves my idea (duh!) and wants to eat in this kitchen...
Of course this isn't my most perfect kitchen, but it's pretty close. The walls need to be yellow, and I really want a big ole butcher block for the island. I also think the lighting could be jazzed up a little...and window treatments...and where's the fridge...hmmm...see, not perfect, but ya get an idea of my taste:)