Thursday, June 30, 2011

Altom family updates

Todd got upset that I haven't posted any pictures but I'm waiting till we have a couch. Since Todd wants pictures I've included some pictures and some home and people updates... (all the pictures are from my phone and apparently I can't take good pictures with my phone, sorry)

This is what our apartment looked like after the movers left... aren't the fly traps classy?

The apartment is coming together quite well these days. It actually came together very fast thanks to movers and Todd now having the same obsession that everything needs to get done now. It looks as homey as an apartment can look I think. We are still waiting on our couch that we purchased a month ago... it's taking awhile. Baby room and second bathroom are still a work in progress but by October they will be done. The crib is set up and all the baby clothes and baby gear are stored away in the closet. I can't wait to see the nursery come together but I think it's going to take some time and thinking. We have a bug problem; it is gross. We still have a fly problem but not nearly as bad as we did when we first moved here. We usually only have about three flies in our place. This morning I have already killed 4 bugs. Gus is a good bug finder, he just stares at them, sometimes eats them and spits them out but he is very good at finding them. 

This is my pathetic puppy

So, I don't think Gus likes it here. Usually Gus spends his day on my lap shaking from the lawn mowers outside, barking at any small sound or in the back of my closet. Today I found him in the laundry room just sitting there. As soon as Todd comes home he is fine, but his days are so depressing. When we go for a walk, which is short to begin with cuz I can't stand the heat, he immediately wants to turn around and go back to the apartment. Not sure what to do with the poor pup, hopefully he grows out of it. But at night he is his fun little self.

Cute boy

Todd started his job June 20 and so far so good. Last week was a bunch of HR stuff but this week Todd started working in the store. Monday he started with the sports area, Tuesday he was in the bakery and frosted cupcakes and made a Wal-Mart cake; he is a very talented lad. Yesterday wasn't as fun for him. He mostly walked around the store and made sure the shelfs look pretty. Last night I was on a kick of women have it so hard in life and men have it so easy. He responded with "well men have to work and I had to walk around all day".... I felt so bad for him. You're right Todd, I'd rather be in labor (with an epidural of course cuz it's just a walk in the park once you have that...) then walk around all day... haha, love you Todd. I was having a not so good day yesterday, but Todd is amazing at making me feel better and making me laugh; I love that boy. Oh, I'll put this under Todd news, I think we own a car again. I haven't heard the for sure from Todd but we signed all the paperwork last night. Pretty much every night we have gone and looked at cars. I love my husband very, very much, however, he is funny when it comes to car searches. Originally we went into the car search looking basically for a cheap "junker" but in pretty good shape. We found one, drove it around and Todd explained "I just don't feel special in this car." It made me laugh so hard. He just couldn't bring himself to get a junker but I am glad we didn't. We now have a 2005 Nissan Altima (which sounds like Altom). It is a very nice car and we got a really good deal on it. We are paying less then we did on our corolla, even though our corolla was '07 and had lesser miles, this car is a lot nicer (not just the stock model) and bigger for our bigger family. I think Todd is happy with his new toy.

"Chuck" and I at 25ish weeks

Yeah, I know, I still don't look all that pregnant. Todd calls my belly a "beer belly." I have a very elongated belly instead of a cute little basketball, I wish I had that cute basketball belly but that just isn't the case. "Chuck" is doing just fine these days. I went to my new dr last week and "Chuck's" little heartbeat was very strong. I'm back to being nauseated in the morning. I thought it was medicine the dr had me start taking, but I discovered today, I just have morning sickness again. I'm feeling him move a lot these days, usually right at night. Apparently how my insides are positioned, I shouldn't get to feel him a lot but he still manages to let me know he is still there. I am getting so excited to meet this little guy, I start crying every time I think about it... thanks hormones. As of right now, our top names are Hayden Jack and Jack Sagers. We have decided that we do need to get a good look at the kid before we give him a name that will be stuck with him forever. I am loving baby shopping online and getting presents in the mail; it's so fun! Besides the baby, not much going on in my life. I watch a lot of TV and spend a lot of time online and in the baby's room. I'm hoping to get more of a life soon, but really the days go by fast and I love having Todd home in the late afternoon and evenings. Tomorrow he gets home at 3 and we get to spend Saturdays together; love it. I think we might make a weekend of "Transformers" and swimming.

That's about it in our little lives. Monday is my favorite day of the year, not sure what we will be doing but I hope you all have a most wonderful 4th of July!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank heavens for Baby Showers!

Today I decided to tackle the baby's room. It wasn't an easy task seeing how all the baby stuff and random other stuff got thrown in our second room. Gus hated ever minute of it but I got it done and it looks very empty... well besides the closet. Once we found out we were having a baby, I made a huge checklist that would get us through at least the first three months. After making the list, Todd and I felt very overwhelmed at what we needed to buy for such a small person. Luckily after two baby showers and the generosity of others, most of the items are checked off and it is a great feeling. We don't have very many high ticketed items left and the ones we do, we have gift cards!!! It is such a comforting feeling to know we are pretty close to being ready for this little guy and we still have money in the bank!! So thank you all for all the love and support and the generosity you have shown our growing family.

Monday, June 20, 2011


First off, I bought baby bedding today!! That probably shouldn't be the first thing I mention, it doesn't show that I've been very productive. My options were either finish unpacking and cleaning, or buy baby bedding for a baby that doesn't come till October... I chose the later. It should arrive this week and hopefully it is as cute in person as it is online. Secondly, we are in Ar-Kansas. The plane ride here was fairly uneventful. We almost didn't get on the plane due to a weight limit problem but I guess we are meant to be here. The movers worked really heard to unpack and set up things, while I sat and checked off numbers. The one main guy was so nice and kept calling me "mom"... it was cute. Gus was pretty pathetic Friday, I felt real bad. He was scared of the moving men, he was scared of all the millions of  flies in our apartment and the lack of air conditioning really got to him. By the time we were ready to go to the hotel and go to sleep, we were all pretty exhausted and hot. I should mention more on our fly issue... since the movers kept coming in and out, flies kept coming in and not going out. At first it was fun having Gus chase them and Todd and I running around destroying them, but we soon were out numbered. It was us three against a million flies that kept seeming to multiple more and more. Todd ran to the store to get fly paper thingys and we hung them all over our place; it was very classy. The next day we came back and luckily a lot of the flies were stuck on the paper. The fly population that remained was much more manageable. After we did some more work in a hot apartment we left for lunch but first stopped by the office to tell them our air conditioning sucked. They said they would have someone there to fix it within 30 minutes but Todd and I were not holding our breathe. While Gus got some much needed rest at the hotel, Todd and I went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries... that was not a fun bill to pay. Afterwards, we swung back to the hotel to pick up and Gus and headed to the apartment with no hope of the AC working. To our surprise it worked!!! Gus was very happy and even started to play in his new home. Yesterday we went to our new ward. Holy Moly... there is a lot of children! It was the nosiest sacrament I have ever been to. When the primary got up to sing for Father's Day more than half the congregation was on the stand thingy (what's that called?). I'm pretty sure if those kids wanted to take over church they could, the adults seemed to be very outnumbered. Besides all the children, the adults seem very nice and were very welcoming. It was weird to go to church and know we will be in that ward for at least a year; a first for us. Todd went off on his first day of work this morning. I'm pretty sure I was more nervous for him, which is usually how it goes. He looked very handsome today from what I could tell from my half opened eyes. I've been trying to do some random odd end things today and trying to make my poor pooch a little less depressed; it hasn't been just him and I in a long time. Hopefully we all can get used to this move soon and enjoy ourselves. Well I have two hours to make it look like I have been productive today so I better go. I'll post some pictures later of our apartment. Well, ta ta