Friday, March 7, 2014

Bode's 1Month

Mr. B turned a month last week. It seriously has been a long/fast month. Even though I'm still trying to get the hang of this two kid thing, I feel like Bode has always been with us. He is such a sweet little boy and we love him to pieces.

Bode facts:
-He has smiled since the beginning. Granted a lot of those smiles probably came from gas, but we can make him smile all the time. He is so happy and content, unless he is hungry or cold.
-He hates being cold!!! He enjoys the bath but as soon as you pull him out, he screams bloody murder. You would think we are actually torturing the poor guy from the sounds and faces he makes.
-He is a pretty good sleeper. Todd complains that he is not to Hayden's standards, but I keep reminding him it could be soooo much worse. He takes great naps during the day, and at night he usually sleeps from 8-2ish and then to 5ish and finally wakes up around 8 or 8:30. One night we got lucky and he woke up only once. I think Todd finds it bad because he is a great husband and takes the first feeding. He is hoping he won't have to wake up during the night soon. I am too but I'm thankful for what we have right now.
-He is still in newborn clothes and diapers but I am ready to move him to 0-3 because he has such cute clothes. They drown him though.
-Eating is our biggest issue. He is basically exactly like Hayden, eating for 30+ minutes but this time around, I have Hayden to worry about. We are making it work and I'm starting to not feel like a 24 hour wet bar.
-Hayden- He is an awesome big brother. He is such a good little helper and constantly wants to give Bode and I hugs. He is sick with a cough right now and he is having a hard time not being around Bode or helping out. I love him. He is also quite hilarious! He is very smart too. He knows a red, blue, green, white, and yellow. Can count to 5 sometimes but likes to count "1, 2, 3, 8,10." Knows lots of animals and their sounds, and ABC is coming together slowly but surely. His vocabulary is growing but his pronunciation is a work in progress. "Moop" is "milk" and "blankets" is "breaden." I guess he has issues with "k". He also is mastering his pouty face and Todd and I find it very hilarous.

I'm still struggling to find balance in this new life. I still feel like I am not giving enough time and attention to each boy. I feel like I'm missing out on crazy toddler stuff and teaching him everything he needs to know, and enjoying these cute newborn times while making sure he gets in his tummy time. I also am trying to figure out how to get "me" time in the midst of all these feedings and playing time. I hope I figure it out soon, but for now I guess tv and hair in a ponytail will have to do.

I love my boys! Glad they are mine!

Brotherly Love

Love his wrinkle forhead

 We were able to bless Bode on March 2! So grateful to be near family and friends.
He is either smiling or has a very concerened look on his face

Hayden did have a cute outfit on at the beginning of the day