Friday, May 11, 2012


Sometimes I wonder if I will forever keep updating monthly on our child, probably not.

Anywho, our little guy turned 7 months old yesterday. His last weigh in kind of worried the doctors so we went in today so they could determine how many ounces he was gaining per week. Formula and baby food must be working because in three weeks, Hayd gained almost a pound. He now weighs 14lbs 4.4oz. It took him two months to barely gain a pound but now he gained it in three weeks. He is still around the 5th percentile but after this weight increase, the doctor isn't worried anymore. It'll be interesting to see if he continues to be on the smaller side or if a change in food brings out the chunk that we both thought he would be. Either way we love our little guy, he can stay his cute, little self forever. He is still rockin his 3-6 month clothes although he is wearing 6-9 month shorts, they just are more capri than shorts:). This kid is  always on the move, not actual crawling yet though. We took off his bumper because we worried with all this moving he might suffocate himself. But after a few morning of waking up and finding his legs dangling out of the crib, we decided to buy a mesh bumper. He is one crazy sleeper, we never find him in the same position we place him in. Upside down, to the side, in a corner; he's crazy. He is also this crazy when it comes to being changed or clothed, it should be an olympic sport now. Yesterday he clapped for the first time, so CUTE!! Todd was singing "Happy Birthday" to him and when he was done, Hayden clapped, did I mention it was so cute? He has said ma, ba ba, da and just today ga. (side note, I'm watching Ellen's Mother's Day show and oh man, I'm getting knocked up by next Mother's Day and heading to California!!). Back to Hayden, he's growing, he's learning and he's just so dang cute!

He HATES peas!! He cried the first time, this is him on the second time, needless to say he doesn't like peas. He also isn't a fan of avocados. For some reason he doesn't like Todd feeding him either.

He loves bananas, pears, apples, prunes, sweet potatoes, and carrots (kind of).

This picture doesn't give him justice but he is also a great sitter.