The Altom's

Todd Sagers Altom

The husband of the family. Todd is currently working for Melaleuca. He graduated with his degree in Business Marketing from BYU-I. Todd loves sports, Mongolia, computer/toys, music (especially all the music that teenage girls love), and his family (especially his wonderful wife, Ashleigh) and his friends (especially his best friend Ashleigh). His current favorite activity is playing hide and go seek with Gus (he squeals like a girl but it sure is cute).

Ashleigh Paige Altom

The wife of the family. Ashleigh graduated from BYU-I with her bachelors in Child Development. She is currently working as a full-time baby and dog momma. Ashleigh enjoys eating cookies and milk on a daily basis, playing games (but only when she wins or at least doesn't lose), pretending she is an actual photographer by using her camera she can't fully use, having dance parties in her bedroom, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family.

Hayden Jack Altom

The son of the family. Hayden currently has no plans for school or a job. He enjoys doing chores, baseball, basketball, Disney Junior, M&M's, and playing with friends and toys.

Bode Grant Altom

Gus Gus Altom

The dog of the family. Gus has no plans on going to school or getting a job. He loves long walks in the park, chasing anything, playing catch, sleeping, waking people up and eating anything he can possibly find. He hates being left alone and bath time.

Todd and Ashleigh started this little family on September 26, 2008, after a year of knowing each other and nine months of dating. They are each other’s best friend and are constantly laughing. Gus joined the family in June of 2010. Hayden Jack joined the family on October 10, 2011. Bode Grant joined the family on January 28, 2014. Todd and Ashleigh have lived in Rexburg, Reno, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Olive Branch (MS), Jersey City, Idaho Falls, Centerton, AR, Bentonville, AR and now, Ammon, ID. They have experienced a heck of a lot of adventures and can’t wait to experience more (preferably living in one place for at least a year…. They can travel though).

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