Monday, August 16, 2010

Winding Down of Summer much craziness has happened since the last time I did a post. I'm thinking Todd should just post all the time:). Anywho, it has been a crazy month and a half and Todd and I are ready for the summer to be over. That is probably a weird comment to hear (I guess read) for some of you but summer's just aren't what they used to be. Todd has about two or three more weeks of selling. The summer didn't happen how we thought it would. It has been a pretty good selling summer but not nearly as good as we had originally hoped, but what can you do? As most of you know, we moved from Indianapolis to Memphis (but really Olive Branch Mississippi). Our apartment and the apartment complex in Mississippi was so much better then in Indianapolis! Jac and I both said we could've stayed. Oh and Craig, Jac, Liv, Todd and I (oh and Gus), all lived together for two weeks. It was actually very nice, although we kind of got lazy; Jac and I didn't have to walk or drive to see each other so we really didn't go anywhere (plus it was super hot and humid so we didn't really enjoy being outside). At the beginning of August, Todd took a much needed day off and we were able to have a summer day. We went out to lunch, to a movie, traveled to downtown Memphis and of course topped it off with Baskin Robins ice-cream. Jac and I came home early for Alycia's bridal shower and wedding and are staying here. So not only do I miss my hubby but I miss my gal pals! Todd is dying in the heat in Memphis and I am doing as much stuff as possible to keep myself busy and make the time go by faster. This summer has had its ups and has had its downs, but one thing I have learned from this summer is that no matter what, as long as I have Todd in my life, I have a very blessed life and a happy one. Todd is my very best friend and I don't know what I would do without him. He lets me cry when I need to cry but can always make me smile (which sometimes makes me mad, haha) and makes everything that is wrong in the world better. I love that boy with all my heart and I am so lucky he loves me! Anywho...I also miss that boy very much and hope the summer goes by fast, fast, fast. As soon as Todd comes home we are off to NYC! We leave September 11 (at night) and arrive in NYC on September 12. Todd is very excited for his internship and we are ecstatic to live in NYC for a bit. Apartment search is still going...but we might have a hopeful but it will be in New Jersey. The commute for Todd will be an hour on the bus and with walking, I feel bad for him but it's in our price range so what can ya do? We will have to get a bus pass because I plan to live it up NYC. Keep your fingers crossed that we find a place. Oh, The Places We Go...well thats us in a nutshell. We will keep everyone updated on our little adventure. Love you all and hope all is well! LIVE-LAUGH-LOVE

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Tribute to Lady Ashleigh

For those of you who have seen the movie "Australia" with Nicole Kidman should remember a few things about the movie. 1) It was the longest movie out of the history of movies, just when you think it's going to end, the second half of the movie begins. 2) Nicole Kidman's character is referred to as "Lady Ashley." So because of this, the nickname of choice for my dear lover, is Lady Ashleigh.
Funny comment, Gus is actually snoring as I am typing this. It almost sounds like a growl, but it's totally a snore.
So for all of you who read this, this post is a tribute for the love of my life, Ashleigh Paige.
Almost three years ago, I completed my mission to Mongolia and embarked upon a new adventure in my life by going to BYU-Idaho. After the first day of school I went with a friend and Craig (although Craig is also considered a friend) to Ashleigh's apartment. We had heard about some girls that were making cookies and had the Wii. I had never played the Wii so I was totally down for whatever, plus I needed to get out of my post-mission awkwardness, so I figured this couldn't hurt. That was the day I met Ashleigh. I'm so glad I went to her apartment.
Two years ago, August 3rd, 2008, I proposed to Ashleigh. Ashleigh doesn't think I care or remember that date, but I do. And I care very much. Let's take a walk together down memory lane to the time when Todd lived in Oklahoma and Ashleigh had recently returned from Europe.
Ashleigh and I had been dating for 6 months or so. I can still remember getting dropped off at the SLC airport after spending a fabulous 4th of July together. I had been so unsure about whether or not we should get married. But after saying goodbye at the airport, the ole saying came to mind, "You don't know what you've got till it's gone." I knew then that I needed to marry Ashleigh, and FAST. Haha.
So, the next day I started calling around for ring prices. Luckily Ashleigh had given me a website with a picture of the exact ring she needed. So I eventually contacted Rocky Mountain Diamonds and sent them the picture. That was easy. I remember Ashleigh being so stressed out wondering if we were really going to get engaged or married, and I had already bought the ring. The time frame was the middle of July. I had kind of told Ashleigh that I wouldn't be able to make it home until the end of August, and we'll just get engaged then. After she believed that, I called her dad while I was working and did the awkward conversation over the phone, with a dog barking in the background. I still remember him saying that Ashleigh is the love of his life, other than his wife. He knew that I would be the man that could take her to the temple, which was obviously a goal of both of ours. After that chat, I arranged with her parents a nice little plan on how I could surprise Ash with a proposal. Ashleigh continued to be stressed due to the fact that no engagement would happen till the end of the summer. On August 2nd, I flew home from Oklahoma without Ashleigh knowing. After church on Sunday I drove up to Idaho Falls. I had told Ashleigh's parents to take her on a walk around the green belt on a nice Sunday afternoon. I remember pulling off the exit in Idaho Falls and getting a text from Ashleigh saying that she missed me. Then she asked, why couldn't I just fly home now! Haha, little did she know what was about to happen. So 4:45 comes and I'm waiting nervously in the Red Lion hotel lobby and looking out the window. My hands started to sweat so I washed them for a bit in cold cold water. That helps btw. Then all of the sudden I see Jack, Sue, and Ashleigh walking up the sidewalk around the greenbelt. BOOM BOOM! My heart was beating so fast. So I snuck up behind her and surprised her by taking her by the arm. She was so shocked and asked... "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???" She was so shocked. So I took her a little farther to a nice scenic overlook where you can see the falls and the temple in the background. I was nervous as heck. I told her that I loved her and that it would be a privilege to spend eternity with her. I knelt down and asked the love of my life to marry me. She said, "Of course." Then I showed her the ring, and she screamed "YES!!!!"
It makes me smile to look back on that little adventure. Our two year anniversary is coming up in September. Some people call their mission the best two years. Although I loved my mission and think about it all the time, I can honestly say that the past two years-ish spent with Ashleigh have been the best two years of my life. I love you Ashleigh!