Monday, February 15, 2010

Cookies, 51 Balloons and a Cold Night!

It has been a very long time since I blogged and it has been a very interesting week...this could be a very long blog as be prepared. To start off...I am done being an Activities person and thank goodness!!!! The Valentine's party went pretty well but I am glad it is done. This calling has been a great learning experience and I hope to never have it again:) (unless I have a lot of time and money to do whatever I want). I was feeling sad that Todd and I wouldn't be able to go down to Utah to get cookies with our names on it from Debbie so we decided to make our own. It was fun and Todd makes some good sugar cookies. We had fun decorating them and especially eating them. We made two batches and they were all gone by Thursday :) (we did give one plate to a neighbor).

So...Friday I got a call from my dad saying he was in the hospital. He was having some chest pains at work and after my uncle's whole ordeal, he went to the hospital to check it out. Apparently if you go to the hospital and complain of chest pains, they don't let you go. He stayed over night and they did some tests on Saturday. The Doctor told him he needed to medication, go on diet and exercise. I am now my parents drill sergeant. I went grocery shopping for them and I am calling them everyday to make sure they are working out and eating well. Well back to Valentine's. Saturday I surprised Todd at work with a gigantic balloon, and some chocolate dipped strawberries. The balloon was huge, it could have taken Olivia away into the sky. Sadly, the balloon did not last long. Todd put it outside of the store and the balloon went on to balloon heaven :(. Saturday night, after Todd and I got back from Avatar (Todd loves that movie and wants an Avatar), I walked into our bedroom to find 50 balloons and of course some chocolate. It looked so fun and reminded us both of UP. It was cute and I have a cute husband.

As Facebook said, Todd and I did go camping. But our campground was...

Our living room!
I had yet to use the tent we got for our wedding so we decided to go camping. We turned off the lights, and turned down the heat. We played with balloons, made some hot cocoa, played some card games, played the guitar around the fire and fell asleep rather early:) It was a fun night but not a fun sleeping night. The floor was hard and it was so cold, I think I am a little sick, but that I guess is what you get for being silly and romantic. Well that is our week in a nutshell. I loved spending my third Valentine's Day with Todd....he is a keeper and I love him dearly!