Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brit's Wedding!

Friday, my best friend Britnee married my longest known friend Keegan Hunter. Thursday night, my other BF Rachel:) and I, provided some comic relief at the Stake Center where Brit and her family were decorating the gym. We also got the job of decorating the arch and I might say, Rach and I make a good team! It always amazes me that after three years and all of us living in different place and living in different times of our lives, we are still best friends and when we hang out, it is like we have never been apart. I love those girls!!! Friday, the big day, was a lot of fun but very busy! Mine and Rachel's goal was to make sure Brit wasn't stressed out on her wedding day, and I think we accomplished that goal. Todd made a comment that Rach and I were running around like chickens with our heads chopped off. Rach and I are sick of Wal-Mart. We had fun though and were happy to be of help! Brit and Keegan are so happy and Todd and I are so happy for them! After the Hunter's reception, we had the opportunity to have Todd meet my amazing guy friends from high school. They all just returned from their missions and it was great to see them all. They've changed but at the same time they have remaind the same, and I love it and love them. Todd fits in so well with everyone! All my guy friends told me I made an amazing choice; I have to agree. I am so thankful that some things remain the same but some things just get better with time!

The Happy Couples
Rach and Kyle, we had a hoot of a time:)

One year and a week!

Last Saturday Todd and I had our one year anniversary! We had a great day! Friday night we were able to go through that temple with my friend Britnee for her first time. We was so good to go to the temple; no matter what is going on in life, the temple always makes you feel loved and at peace. I was able to sit by my friend through the whole time, and it was so amazing to watch her go through. That night we stayed at a hotel called Destination Inns. It's a themed hotel and we stayed in Alaska! It had a cabin feel to it and was very nice. When we walked in, it had this cheesy "Going to Alaska" song and it was so fun! The next day we went shopping (tradition in our household) and went to TGI Friday's...yum! Todd and I decided that one of our traditions now is to get pictures on our anniversary, or close to it, ever year. It will be cool to see how our little family changes from year to year...hopefully next anniversary, our little family looks a little different:). Our now great friend and now our family photography, Julie, took our pictures. She was so excited about everything so it made the photo-shoot super fun and made us excited to see the pics. We had a great day together and we are still so in love, more in love actually, than we were a year ago. I wonder what this year will bring...

Here are a few of our favs...
p.s. my husband is incredible good looking, just look at him