Friday, June 25, 2010

Our little family...

Gus really doesn't have blue eyes but I guess the flash made his black eyes blue:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gus Gus Altom

Hello all! In case some of you were unaware, Todd and I have a new addition to our family. Gus Gus Altom was born April 18 and came to our home on June 13. He looks just like his parents....meaning us, strawberry blond hair...we just knew he was meant for us when we saw him:). So I guess I'll share the story of Gus. Sunday the 6, Todd and I decided we were going to get a dog. I had been looking at apartments for New York and most places allowed dogs, so I was given the go ahead to start the search. At first the only dog we could agree on was a Golden Retriever, and while one day we will probably have one of those dogs, we thought apartment life would be no good for a big dog. On Monday I just started looking on the internet for pups and saw Gus's picture (formally known as T-bear...lame). I immediately called the lady, asked if he was still available (which he was because she had just posted it), made an appointment to go see him and then called Todd. Todd was a little nervous about my rash decision but then I emailed him a picture of Gus, and he fell in love. Gus originally comes from a home where you can tell the people care more about their dogs then they do about their home or themselves. He had about 15 dog friends so he probably is a little bored with just Todd and I. After we saw him, we put a down payment on him and said we would pick him up that weekend. Going puppy shopping was so much fun. I don't have a baby but puppy shopping I'm sure is the next best thing. I found him all these cute toys, a great crate and researched to find the best dog food...this dog will be spoiled. This past Sunday as an office we went to a place called "King's Island." It was an amusement park and a water park. We had a great time and finally got some sun. Afterwards, with Craig, Jac and Liv, we went and picked up Gus. His former owners looked a little sad to be letting him go but I think they knew he would be taken care of. We love, love Gus. Potty training is going pretty well, not to many accidents inside and he gets caught while making those accidents so that's good. Night time was great the first night, horrible the second night and is going pretty well now. Todd is a great dog father! I'm not so worried about the night time situation when we finally have a baby, because Todd is so good with Gus. He takes all the early morning duties which is wonderful!! Gus's personality is starting to shine through. He is very funny, very cuddly, loves me the best (of course) and is scared of everything. He is scared of doors, his leash, sudden movements, his shadow, baby Olivia at first, big dogs and cars. He loves to eat; he has become my vacuum which isn't good because I feel like we will be making an emergency trip to the vet soon. He loves being outside and hopping around in the grass and chasing his tail. We are very happy he is part of our family and I am happy I have a little buddy during the day. Gus will become a world traveler soon. As some of you probably now, Todd's internship is more of a for sure thing. He still has to do an interview but we are pretty sure we will be in NYC this fall. We are so excited for that adventure. Every time we see NYC we get all excited and talk about what we will do there. I have already started planning my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas (I'm leaving it up to Todd to plan something for our second anniversary...weird). We will keep you posted on the NYC thing but it's lookin good:). That's the latest happenings in our life. Hope all is well with you all and to all the dad's and future daddy's....Have a wonderful Father's Day!!! To my're the best dad anyone could have:) and to my future children's dad...they will be so lucky to have you as a father. You're amazing and I look forward to the day you can hold and play with one of our kids (and get up with them in the morning). Love you all!!!

My boys! (they both love the computer)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Lovin...

Well howdy! So once again there is not much to blog about but I decided to put up some pictures and a video or two :)
Life in Indy is going well. The sun has decided to show up, well at least some days, and we are enjoying the pool life. Last, last Saturday, the girls had a shopping day. Since my favorite store is Banana Republic and since I still have graduation money (thank you all, you wonderful and generous people...I have been meaning for about a month and a half to send "Thank You" cards but I keep forgetting...surprising, seeings how wonderful I did with wedding "Thank You" cards, hahahaha...but seriously THANK YOU. I felt so loved when I graduated, and I always do), anywho...I decided to drop a few dollars at BR. All I got was a skirt and a top and when I went to pay for it...they declined my card!!! It seriously felt like a scene from "Confessions of a Shopaholic." I was so embarrassed and everyone kept looking at me. It was a horrible feeling but as any true Shopaholic would do, I tried to figure out a way to get the clothes. So, I should mention that we do have money, I could have afforded the clothes but I ordered a new card (two weeks before) because my old card said "Ashleigh Dalton" and I like to look like I'm married to Todd...anywho...the bank deactivated that card but I still hadn't received the new card, it was irritating. But in the end I got my clothes:) was a nice day but around 4:30 it started raining cats and dogs!! Luckily, I had just got done paying for groceries and had to wait in walmart for awhile till it calmed down. The rain disappeared while I was driving from walmart to our apartment and then cats and dogs started falling again just as I pulled into the parking lot. Once again, I just waited out the rain, this time in my car, but it never I braved the weather, got out of my car, dropped Todd's bottle of pickles, got drenched but made it to our apartment safely. Things were not going all that well but then...Todd came home early!!!! It was wonderful because it does not happen very often! We went to BD's Mongolian Grill and watched a movie (love being with my hubby). Well that's really the only interesting stuff. We are enjoying our time and we have already made it through a month!!! Below are some happenings...

We spent an afternoon in Indy
The boys decided to shave their heads
heads only a mother could love:)