Monday, April 18, 2011

Wow, I tell you what, wow!

I think it is about time I updated this blog. A lot has been happing in our little family. I’m sure this will turn into yet another long blog… maybe I should update a little more often…

Chuck (aka baby Altom)- From the last blog post, you might have guessed that Todd and I are expecting a little baby in October. We feel like it is truly a miracle and a blessing that this is happening to us. It has taken some time and some heartache but we couldn’t be more excited to add this little person to our family. Chuck (our Unidentified Fetal Object, UFO) is expected to arrive sometime around October 12. So far everything seems to be going good. We have heard and seen the heartbeat and Chuck always waves to us when we sneak a peak at him or her. I’m currently 15ish weeks and it has been a loooonnnggg 15ish weeks; time has not flown by.  I have tried to control my excitement but now I can’t help looking at everything baby and planning everything baby. We can’t wait to find out what we are having (mostly me because I just have to buy things) and see this, hopefully, healthy and beautiful baby come October.
p.s. pregnancy is an interesting ride…
Chuck at 10 weeks

Graduation- Todd made it to graduation. It was so exciting to see him graduate and I couldn’t be prouder of him. It was so nice to have Mark and Debbie come up and have my family here to celebrate.  We had a great time at all the long festivities ;) and had a very delicious lunch on Saturday. Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Todd at the new BYUI Center

Job/Moving- I was reading the second to last blog and it made me laugh. I mentioned that we thought we would know about Wal-Mart before Todd’s birthday, that so didn’t happen, haha. Todd finally got a call from Wal-Mart the day of his graduation. I was once again was so amazed and proud of my hubby. Out of 1000 people, he was 1 out of the 4 they selected (and he wasn’t black or a woman… inside joke). We had to hold our breath for quite sometime but it was very nice that Todd was able to go to his graduation saying he got the job. Todd also got another job offer, but this one was in Utah… and that’s where it got complicated. As much as I knew this Wal-Mart job was a great opportunity, I definitely was rooting for the SLC job. Living in Utah where family and friends were close and might I add, NOT HUMID, would be so wonderful. Even though we would both love to live in SLC, at the end of the day, we decided that Arkansas is where we need to be… :(… I’m still a little heartbroken even though I know this is best for our family. We will be moving to Bentonville, Arkansas sometime in the middle of June. We are always up for a new adventure and as long as we have each other (all four of us) we will be fine, we might melt away but we will do it together.

Gus’ Birthday- Yes, our baby boy is 1 or 7 or whateverJ. This past Saturday we held a little celebration in his honor. I made Gus, puppy approved cupcakes and he shared them with his uncle’s Otis and Suni (my parent’s dogs). We even went as far as to put the poor dogs in birthday hats. We had a great time; I think Gus kind of did. This sounds extremely cheesy, but Gus has brought so much happiness to our lives and we couldn’t picture our lives without him. He is our first-born… I’m even thinking of getting him a shirt that says, “I’m a big brother”…. Yeah, we are now crazy dog people.

Doesn't he just look so thrilled?

Virginia- Sadly, Todd has left for a month to once again sell alarm systems. We figured it would be cheaper and I could actually make money if I stayed here. He flew out yesterday and I already miss him like crazy. I don’t know if it is because I’m so in love him or my pregnancy hormones, but I am one big river of tears. We are both so glad this will be his last time selling and it is only for a month. I wish it was the middle of May though. 

Sigh... I got exhausted writing this dang thing. Good job if you completed all of it. Well that is it for the Altom's in Idaho... soon to be the Altom's of Arkansas. Ok, I need to go take a nap now... or go to bed, Nighty, Night.