Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011


Let's see... where to begin... Gus got a haircut yesterday:). He has had four haircuts during his short life and yesterdays was his best yet. The lady did exactly what we wanted with no shaved baboon bum and no shaved nose; he looks like his cute puppy self.

As most of you know, Todd is heading down to Arkansas for a final interview with Wal-Mart. He leaves on the 10th and we should hopefully know before his birthday if he gets the job. It's hard to believe that after a couple months waiting, we will find out if we will be in Arkansas in about two weeks; what a relief. If this job is not meant to be, we once again are back to the drawing board. Family and friends might be happy to hear that our other options are much closer to home, Utah, Colorado and California. I know Todd really wants this job but if we have to go to the other three, I wouldn't mind; closer to home and not humid!!!

About a week ago, maybe more, Todd won some tickets to "Disney on Ice" on the radio. His 31 minute drive to Rexburg has payed off. We get to go on March 12 and hopefully Todd is back by that evening but I'm going with or without him. But with that being said, Todd and I will be in Utah that weekend. It feels like forever since we made that trip from Idaho to Utah... more like 7ish months.

Todd is getting close to the end of the line with this whole college thing. I joked with him last night that it's not that big of deal, I already beat him to it. But it is a big deal and we couldn't be more excited to be getting done with this college thing (although I miss it). Todd has about a month and a week left, which hopefully this month goes fast because January and February have not. I'm sure Todd will miss the college scene, he really likes his teachers. Oh, can I just say, Rexburg has changed so much. Besides the whole new building, there's like stop lights and new apartments being built; it's crazy madness up there.

This blog is mostly about Todd, because I got nothing. Still working, still wishing I wasn't, haha. My job is pretty relaxed and everyone seems happy with me but I need a change of pace when it comes to work. I also have been fighting off a cold for the last week and a half and I think it is finally on the down slope. I've also gained weight, but I'm bound and determined to lose it. My client at work keeps telling me I eat to much and it's bound to catch up with me... it has:(. Oh well, working out will give me something to do.

Oh, the whole BYU basketball stuff has been big in our house this week. The game on Saturday was great, the game on Wednesday, not so great. It's weird because I asked Todd on Saturday if he thought the coaching staff would kick someone off the team at this point, for not following the honor code. He didn't know and said their is a difference in what people should do and what they actually do. As sad as it was to hear about a team member leaving, it is great to know that when push comes to shove, BYU holds strong to it's beliefs. The team may or may not have an amazing end to the season, but we believe all this publicity will do some good.

Well, that's all we got. Still living, still laughing and still loving.