Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday BBQ

Todd and Brody at our Sunday BBQ
Brock chillin
Brian Trey playing with Todd
and bug eyed Brody

While in Reno...

Brock at the Children's Museum
I wanted to play in the costumes too but I was to big

Brian Trey and Brody...oh how cute!
Brian Trey and I painting away

Reno...week something...

Well we have been in Reno for about ummm I don't know how long...a month? Reno is still pretty windy but it has warmed up a little bit, enough to go to the pool. The pool is cold but it's warm laying in the goal is to be tan, very tan by the end of the summer. Brooke, her boys and I have finally been finding somethings to do. We went to a children's museum last saturday and well it is comparable to the zoo here but it kept the boys entertained for four hours so not bad (and we were the only people there, haha). This past week I was sick...and it stunk! I didn't do much this past week except watch tv and sleep. Friday the pool opened here and we spent Friday, Saturday and some of Sunday playing in the cold cold water, haha. Sunday Todd and I had a nice BBQ with some friends. I made my first potato salad and it turned out well if I do so say myself, made two BDay cakes for Brooke Lowe's son Cooper and made smores...Yum!!! It was a good Sunday! This morning Brooke, the boys and I went to an inflatable gym thing, it was a lot of fun and Brooke's boys are soooo cute!!! Todd is doing great with sales, he is a very hard worker and I love him and appreciate all he does. Well thats it for right now, Ill try to upload a video and pictures later! Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Week Two...

So...Nevada is still cold and windy. I really thought this place would be warm, but no, not at all. This week has been pretty good. Todd is averaging one a day and I finally know how to do my job. I only messed up one thing of paperwork (well "we" technically) but now Camilla and I are doing good. Our oven got fixed this week so no more batter (unless we want some) and I was finally able to locate those dish sponges that you put soap in; I had to go to three different places and the one I ended up getting sucks, shish. Oh oh and if anyone feels like it...Reno also doesn't believe in the 100 calorie grasshoppers either, so if anyone wants to send them to me I'd probably feel like a missionary who hasn't had sweets in 18 months:). I have been trying to upload the video of the apartment but it wont upload so I am going to have to just post pictures so I'll do that soon. Well I think that is it for the moment...let me think...yep thats it:) ta ta