Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ugly Sweater Party

So our friends Hannah and LJ Nielsen (Todd's mission buddy), had us over to their house last night for an ugly sweater party. Todd and I went to DI Friday to find our attire and we found some good stuff. Todd even found a sweater that was actually really nice for three bucks (great store, haha). Todd had to work all yesterday so I did Saturday chores, took an english final and made some yummy treats for the party...YUM! I made chocolate, chocolate truffles (of coarse, what else would you expect from me), but some of them I put candy canes on for a festive flare, and I made chocolate dipped strawberries. (I also had plenty of leftovers to make some Christmas favors for my committee members and they ended up looking very cute I might add) Boy was my kitchen messy at the end! I was doing pretty good until I dipped everything but once I started dipping I had chocolate everywhere, I totally had an "I Love Lucy" moment...anyone know what I am talking about?:) (but like I always said with my roommates, food messes make for great food!). Todd was a little taken back when he got home but he had to finish the dipping while I got ready. The party was fun; but only four of us wore ugly sweaters, haha. We ate too much sugar and played one of our favorite games "Oh Hell" or as the Wilson's call it "Oh Darn". I won the second game by the way:). It was great to celebrate the season with friends, ugly sweaters and CHOCOLATE!
The food...YUM
The Nielsens' and the Altoms'
Merry Christmas from these two cute faces

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I finally have a break to write on here (I'll try and post our amazing pics...they really aren't amazing, boring stuff really). It has been a super long time since we last updated this. So what happened in this last month in a half you ask? Well...celebrated birthday's like crazy (the highlight being Miss Olivia Grace), Todd went to NYC and brought me back a lot of goodies, celebrated Thanksgiving with our loved ones, was there the night BYU WON (probably the greatest moment of Todd's life...really!), we both got sick (Todd more than me), hosted a ward Christmas Party (that went fairly well but took way to much time but I am so happy it is done), Todd ran 10miles in two hours and now we are finishing up the semester!!! This week will be my last week for my internship (well working with the kids anyways) and as happy as I am to have a bit more time on my hands, I will miss the kids. It has been a very fun time and a great learning experience for me. I am even thinking (once we finally settle down somewhere) of starting my own after-school program. Todd is almost done with his IBC, in fact there last shindig is this Wednesday but it is only for his group. They broke even and will probably earn a little more so it is looking like Todd will get an "A" for that class. Both of us are looking forward to next semester! Both of us should have an easier load than this semester. Todd will continue to work at the diamond store and he is also on the SRC, which is the Student's Representative Council. He will be helping with advertisement for school things. I will have my last semester...woot, woot and hopefully we will know soon what is going on this summer so I can start looking for a job. Next semester I am working as a secretary in the Home and Family Department...and did I mention I start early in the morning...blah! Well thats the latest on our little family! We are ready for the Christmas and Mexico but are very much enjoying the Holiday Season! Love you all!!