Friday, August 15, 2014

Bode's 1/2

I am so bad at updating this blog. I was religious posting every month on Hayden... poor second child. Anywho, I just got Bode's six month pics and thought I would take the time to record about the little man.

Mr. B: Bode at his six month weigh in was 13lbs 7oz. At Bode's five month check-up, he landed in the .5 percentile so the doctor was a smidge worried. I wasn't too worried. Bode is basically on the same track as Hayden, slow and steady. The doctor wanted us to come in every two weeks to get him weighed just to keep an eye on it. He also wanted Bode to eat more which means nursing longer and supplementing formula. Since doing those two things, Bode has moved up in weight and the percentile! He actually is a whole whopping two ounces more than Hayd was at that age. Speaking of breastfeeding and formula, I made it to my six month mark. I am not the biggest fan of breastfeeding, and since my babies are small, I keep feeling like my milk sucks which doesn't help to motivate me to nurse longer. I kinda was hoping to nurse a little longer just because it has been an overall better experience with Bode, but alas, my milk sucks, and lefty is giving up the fight and righty isn't too far behind. At the moment Bode is getting boob and bottle but soon bottle will be the only source of life. I always feel gilt for not breastfeeding but Bode is so much happier when he has a bottle, and I was formula fed from the beginning and I turned out pretty darn awesome. Also in the food department, Bode hates food. He seemed to like bananas and sweet potatoes for a few days but now hates everything. I decided to make all of the baby food so when he wasn't eating, we decided to try store bought baby food to see if he liked that, but he doesn't. I force feed him a few bites hoping one day he'll decided to love it. In the sleeping department, Bode is doing pretty good. He's no Hayden (dang it), but we are to the point where he only wakes up once and usually between 5:30-7:45. I think if I wasn't so worried about Bode waking up Hayd, he could probably always make it to 7:45. Developmentally he has rolled over both ways but doesn't like laying down so doesn't really do it. He loves to sit and is excellent at it. Not a whole lot of babbling, just yelling. He is the stinkiest baby EVER! Like, seriously, he has a rotten tuckus. His favorite toys are not toys, he can only stand his exersaucer for maybe two minutes, he still loves his swing, he hates being left and being ignored, he finds his older brother hilarious, and he already loves electronics. He is all boy, all cute, and we love him.

Love his eyes! His tongue is usually sticking out or his hands are in his mouth

Toe head

Goodness, too cute

Love this crazy lad

A dog and his baby

Mr. H: Hayden is full on kid now. The day after the 4th of July, Todd decided to potty train. I was against it so I told Todd he had to do all the work for the weekend. Todd's methods were not my favorite but after three pee accidents, we have not had one since. Number two is a different story but we are going on, I think, two weeks strong with that. He is talking like crazy, like never stops. Love him, love that he is learning, but man oh man, give the ears a break kid. He loves singing (its pretty hilarious and sometimes annoying), all sports, his "kids", his "gurfriends", reading, doing it "mineself", and jumping on everything. He is counting so well these days, and is finally learning his letters. It actually amazes me what he knows; smart boy. He loves Bode and is still the best big brother ever.

We love our little men!

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