Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bode is Two Months

Two Month Facts for Bode:

-10lbs 14.5oz (at 10 weeks)
-Size 1 diapers and 0-3m clothes
-Sleeping about 7hours straight at night (we give him a dreamfeed before we go to bed and he wakes up once in a 12hour period)
-Still is taking three naps during the day
-Starting to talk a lot more
-Still has two facial expressions, serious and smiley
-Neck is getting stronger
-Is starting to get a flat spot on his left side of his head
-Has maybe 5 long hairs on the top of his head while everything else is peach fuzz, oh and his mullet in back
-He is about the same size as Hayd was at 2months but he is for sure chunkier (but we are comparing him to a baby that had no chub at all)
-Still loves to be swaddled at night and during naps
-Poops a lot!
-Feedings are down to 15-20min!!
-Starting to giggle. He is ticklish under his chin
-Very content and happy baby unless he is hungry or sleepy (or needs to burp). He serious is like Jekyll and Hyde, smiling and a second later, screaming bloody murder. Luckily, it usually is pretty easy to return him to his happy self.
We love him! I pretty much think he is the cutest thing ever… along with my two year old.

Boy do we love Hayden, attitude and all. He is so full of life and energy. He asks for “toast” every morning, which is French Toast, and “chocit moop” (aka chocolate milk) everyday. He loves racing cars, chasing Gus, and watching “Let it Go” or “Froniz” (aka “Frozen”) to no end. We have also made the big transition to no crib. I was seriously so nervous for this transition to come. My saying is “ if it’s not broke don’t fix it.” Todd finally went ahead, against my will, and took off the side of the crib. To my shock, he did great. He did fall out of the crib the first couple nights, but I finally put a blanket under his sheet to prevent it.  We decided to switch his bed, which again, I was nervous about. I thought he would get very possessive of this crib but he didn’t. He was so excited to get a new bed and kept calling the crib “Bode’s bed.” He is doing great in his new bed. I do hear him playing with toys a lot more, but as long as he is quiet and staying in his room, I don’t care. He does have quite the attitude but his cuteness definitely outweighs the occasional “moners”  (monster) that he is. He is also still an amazing big brother. Hayden is always worried about Bode, asks to hold him, lays by Bode when he is on the playmat, and is always there with a binkie when Bode is “whiney."  Other Haydenisms: "grammer" for grandma, “no not”, “save me” and tends to speak in third person by referering to himself as ""Haydy".

We sure got lucky in the kid department.

Todd keeps telling me "I love our kids!" Me too Todd!

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